swap again

Monday, September 28, 2009

a big ship fueling up at the wharf yesterday's early morning walk

Right now I have the following names signed up for the next 15 things swap event.

B Shamu Chickory Pamela Joni Moose's Mom Alice in Paris and me

If your name's not here and you'd like to participate (more info here and you don't have to have a blog) please comment today or tomorrow and we'll add your name to the list. Oliver will be drawing names Wednesday early morning and pairing swappers up

here's the list of words to begin pondering - the secret is found, crafted, recycled and/or regifted
items the point is not all to spend a lot of $$ and in the end the postage often ends up being the biggest expense

1. sweet
2. cat related (of course)
3. dog related (of course)
4. useful
5. old fashioned
6. scented
7. gardening
8. paper/card
9. delicious
10. salty
11. green
12. culinary
13. natural
14. sparkly
15. soft

Hey ! I LOVE the new look of my blog - I can barely stop staring at it and I'm tempted to go back into each post's html (all 837 of them and make all the photos and illustrations big ! but then I think Hey ! what are ya nuts ? that would be well over 1000 fiddly changes - yikes). Merci favourite and much loved nephew Michael. And I'm lovin' the new bolder banner. It's raining here this morning and warm enough to have the windows open. I'm working today on a Tuesday drawing deadline so I'm off to the lands of bubbles & scent.


  1. I adore your new banner!

  2. I'm ready, willing and able for swappage. I am going to be challenged by "sparkly" but I will do my best.
    So is this a new blogger layout that's available? You know I would want bigger photo choices.

  3. OMG! I turn my back for a couple of days and come back to MAJOR changes! It looks GREAT! Very snappy!!! Good for you to step out of your comfortable box and try something new!
    You are amazing! The fruit chili looks soooo very good but all that chopping is incredibly daunting to me....doesn't mean I won't give it a whirl, so thanks for all the added personal tips....so yummy to look at, it must be worth the effort!

  4. Could nephew Michael just pop over here and work the same sort of miracles on my blog? Yours looks wonderful!

  5. Looking forward to the swap. I've posted about it on my blog too:) Does it have to be 15 things or do you use those words and combine them in things. eg : green cat?
    Love these big pics. I always wanted bigger ones but thought that it was not possible on Blogger. I must look into it!
    Cheers, Shelagh

  6. I came over from AliceInParis. I'd love to play along!!

  7. What a cool boat. We have a picture of a boat today too.
    Benny & Lily

  8. Oooo yes, I would like to be involved! LIke AliceinParis I would like to know if it is 15 individual things or if they can be combined?
    Exciting! Alice

  9. Thank you for the comment - yes I would still like to be involved if that's OK with me being in the UK ...


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