I always will

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Winnie Dixon with her Wanda Cameron legs

We don't know Wanda Cameron but apparently she has very skinny legs and our friend Carol would always say to Miss D, whenever she would come out of the water, her scraggly wiry body held up by her little wet, black stick legs - Hey ! it's Wanda Cameron

Now I always say it too... hey there Wanda C !

Just so you know,
there's a space that only you can fill
I love you now,
and I guess I always will

I know I always will.

Winn & I sit each evening for a spell on our grassy hill


  1. I think Miss WD has beautiful legs and a beautiful spirit to go with them! XOXO to the gang!

  2. Those pictures show pure 100% undiluted contentment.

  3. Hmmmm, no luck googling Wanda. Still Miss Winnie is darned cute, stick legs or not.

  4. She is just so adorable, skinny legs and all. Please give her a kiss from me. xox Pam

  5. Apple looks so different when she's wet! And I love the smiling Winnie!!

  6. Such a lovely green spot to sit in the evenings, and such a wonderful companion to share it with. "Wanda Cameron" makes me think of some gravel-voiced Southern girl, with too-big hair and too many lines for her young face, don't know why. Big hugs from the already chilly North, J.

  7. that is funny those little stick legs. i adore miss d.

  8. You write things that are so empowering. Your love of pets is so much like my own. I feel as though I have a "loves all animals" sister in another country!

  9. I love when fluffy dogs get wet - they always look so completely different. I cannot wait to escape to the Cape beaches tomorrow night so Marley dog can swim swim swim.....

    Tell Miss WD that I think her legs are fabulous!

  10. I had to stop back to see if anybody knew of Miss Cameron....but, perhaps she is a friend of Carol's. Ask her for a photo...lol.....

  11. there is a breed of cat, the Chartreaux, that is called a potato on toothpicks...thought you would enjoy that


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