hope again

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

an insects view of my little bed of cosmos

Hope is a talent like any other

Storm Jameson

Well then,
I think I'm gonna practice my hope

this early morning

the sound of gulls (which lately bring tears of goodness to my eyes it feels as if I never really listened to them before - but how can that be ?) • a fishing boat leaving the harbour • a tidy organized desk • crows and their amazing vocabulary • a hot smelly bubble bath waiting • a feeling of being somewhat caught up with my work • a very out of the blue day of creativity yesterday (don't ya love when that happens) • a good sleep • a happy day spent quietly at the little gift & home decor store • a long chat with three sweet couples all the way from Tennessee (and don't ya love how they speak, so sing song Say Tennessee again, please), they asked me where in Nova Scotia they should visit and I replied (tres enthusiastically) Go get your map I first suggested that they spend a day doing this beautiful drive • another long conversation with a sailor from the big, big ship docked at the wharf (little did he know that very curious girl had been saving up all her big ship questions just for him but he was very happy to oblige) • a trip to town today and lunch out with my friend Helen • an apt. tomorrow (here) with a potential excellent handy man - shut up !! and stay tuned • golden dawn light just touching the tips of the trees outside our window • and it's September and I love LOVE September


  1. Happy September, its a good month.

  2. September will be wonderful. Did you get much rain last Saturday? Torrents and floods here!

  3. And I love LOVE your blog!

    So beautiful and atmospheric.

  4. aren't cosmos just the prettiest? i love the dainty petals and how they dance on the slender stems. you've captured the romance of them just wonderfully.

    it sounds like a joyous day you had yesterday! i'm in deep september love as well!

    hugs to all of you from me and presley!

  5. Beautiful Cosmos! Beautiful Nova Scotia! Beautiful Susan @ 29 Black Street!

  6. Yes, September! The muses are giddy.

    How on earth do you take a bubble bath first thing in the morning?? They make me so sleepy. I take them last thing at night, by candlelight and classical music, with both Edward and Apple asleep on the floor beside the tub!

  7. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of Cosmos. Being Spring here now, I'm looking to distribute seeds throughout the garden and have had much success with these in the past.They always look so pretty.

  8. Wonderful hope! Beautiful photographs...Do you realize how much your life sounds life a perfect dream? Have a beautiful day.


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