with hope

Thursday, September 10, 2009

early morning harbour with great blue heron

doubt is a pain too lonely,
to know that faith is his twin brother

Kahlil Gibran

I never have a problem choosing an image to post here each morning and even though I do ramble on, sometimes at great length I do still think of this blog as primarily a visual blog. Lots of mornings I feel like I have nothing to say yet I always feel like I'd like to say something. Something other than I'm tired. I should vacuum, or the air feels cool this morning. On these mornings I often read quotes at thinkexist (my favourite quote sight). That Kahlil boy, he is so right on and he sure had a lot o' brilliant things to say ... and he said them such a long, long time ago. His words almost always remind me that so much of what we feel, feelings we're completely convinced are ours and ours alone are really a part of everyone.
I find his beautiful reminders so comforting and they do fill me, again, with hope.

all about Great Blue Herons.

oh my, what a beautiful perfect morning


  1. Any day that starts out contemplating the great blue heron is a good day.

  2. Your blog is food for my spirit each morning, Susan! Have a wonderful day!

  3. I love the quote, and I love the heron. Very peaceful. Have a great day, Susan! Love to Miss D - xo Pam

  4. my Mom used to say...."there really is nothing new under the sun" .... when we finally figured out that something had been done or said or felt years before our time.......

  5. I love Herons
    Thanks for sharing♥

  6. Driving back from the Northumberland shore last weekend, a big heron flew low right over our car! They are so beautiful!!

  7. beautiful shots - has the weather grown cooler where you are - it has gotten quite chilly here (Massachusetts) especially in the mornings! I have to admit I like the crispness in the air - but I am not a big fan of it getting darker earlier around 7:30 already!


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