Thursday, September 3, 2009

dew in sunlight on yesterday's early morning walk with Miss D

The wonder of nature completely blows my mind ... daily

Closing the curtains in my bedroom last night I spied a tiny spider crawling along the gauzy thin white material and he or she had huge fat hairy back legs, fat like a bee's legs covered in pollen and the other six legs were slim like normal spider legs. This particular spider was not much bigger than the top of a pin and I'd never seen a spider that looked quite like it and of course I wondered Why ? are his back legs like that ? Why and I wished I had a Nova Scotia spider identification pocket guide but such a thing does not exist (this book - is the next best thing).

You can be sure, there's never any shortage of wondering 'round here.


  1. I've noticed many, many spiders around here lately and like you, the other day I got up close and personal
    and really examined the wee thing. Quite extraordinary. Their webs are works of art I think and some of them must take hours to make. Having said all that I do not like them inside and last night had to make a quick trip outside to free one captured in a tissue!
    Love those magical dew pictures!

  2. That's true - I look closely at some wonderful spiders around the house and I wonder who they are. I hear the Smithsonian is putting up a site with the identification of every discovered living organism. Is that possible?

  3. I wonder what the villagers think of the nice lady with the dog lying on the ground to get the best photo angle?

  4. And you know B. Shamu Me & Missy D we don't care what they think. I'm pretty sure most in the village have, for quite some time, thought me "eccentric" to say the least.

  5. Love that you respect the small beasties Susan - four legs, six legs, you're interested in them all!! I was angry when experiments were done decades ago with spiders and their webs, blowing marijuana smoke on the poor little things, resulting in mishappen webs."Leave them alone" I thought. Then again, they could have enjoyed the whole trippy experience!!!Long live your delightful sense of wonder by the way.

  6. Autumn is the time for spiders, no doubt about it!
    I love your photographs here. Like sugared fruit!

    It's so much cooler here now. Edward and Apple are blissful! They send love to Winnie D.!

  7. The light and furry-ish looking texture on these photographs is intensely beautiful, Susan. I often wonder about nature's beauty...trees captivate me the most. I watch the way the light moves over leaves...how water and wind changes their colors. It's relaxing to pay attention to the sounds shifting and changing too.

    Right now a tropical storm is approaching...I was awakened by the sound-maybe-but it could be the sense of an atmospheric change. There's always excitement before a storm.

    Appreciation of nature does not always require correct identification. Most of the time the specific information is just a way to hold on to the impression, don't you think?

    I agree with Alicein P-the dew is magical. Have a wondrous day.

  8. I have to say that spiders in my home give me the heebie jeebies - out and about in nature - where they should be I have no problem with them, but not in my house *shrudders*.

    I absolutely love this series of images.

  9. those flowers look like they have been sprinkled with sugar...sweet!

  10. Spiders? Ew, not for me. I'd try to capture it perhaps adn then let it out way way far way from my house. It they aren't hairy or aren't big, I'll let them hang here to eat teh mosquitoes. Thus all the cob webs! LOL.


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