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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Susan Black & Associates - Design & Illustration
Come meet my associates

1. Early morning blogging assistant Buddha Boy and tres rare, very tidy teak topped desk
2. Please do not disturb Don (Oliver) who insists he's brainstorming in his office with a window

1. Gussie, L'il Man or Mr. Mr. (our mostly feral boy) - I guess it must be break time
2. still break time and much more the norm - the very messy teak topped desk

1 - BleetNess wants my undivided attention, he has an issue which must be calmly discussed
2 - unable to resolve the issue he stages a lie-in ... no that is not a small sea lion atop the TTD*
3 - continued lie-in in progress while Don shows off his amiable & tres cooperative personality

It's a tough job being the boss of this crew. Sigh. I am the boss, is there any question of that ?

Well we're back to seasonable weather and temperatures (maybe even a little lower than normal) here in this little seaside village. It's windy and the harbour's turned from blue to a red clay terracotta colour and the surface of the ocean is churning with whitecaps. It's chilly and the furnace is humming this early morning and Missy D and I will bundle up for our walk. Mixed precipitation in the forecast which means rain & snow ... but that's OK 'cause we have a busy two days of inside stuff. We'll get the fire going and we'll tuck in snug as bugs in this old brick house and putter away at our list. The cowboy (and Bess) are on their way home... hooray !

*TTD teak topped desk


  1. Yes, that's a powerful statement that the boy's making there! Stop working - it's Mememememe time.......

  2. Cats. Cats in my personal workspace. Parkour yes, true, very amusing. Cat butt on my computer space? Grrrrr.

  3. B. Shamu you try and tell them that ? as I said "I am the Boss" (repeat as necessary).

  4. All the cats I've ever known seem to suffer from a widespread affliction called Selective Deafness.

    I will say that "if" I owned a cat today, it would only happen with a home set up with multiply speakers spread out all over the house and a remote system that would allow me to play the sound of a can opener anywhere in the house. I might even hack one of those automatic air fresheners to spray Eau du tuna to coincide with the Can Opener noise. Because that's how we roll here at the House of the Wicked Tribe.

  5. B. Shamu ... in this household even better than a can opener, or the scent of tuna ... a good shake of the Whiskas Temptations bag - I swear those kitty treats have some kinda feline drugs in them. Oliver spins around on the counter like a whirling dervish (or circus cat) he loves them SO much.

  6. In Pavel Petunias home its the shaking of the Tartar Control can that gets him moving. I'm so glad his most beloved treat is also good for him, or his teeth anyway. Its my only opportunity to show off his most brilliant trick of jumping through the hoop.

  7. This would be "les gang" then? LOL They're pretty much in charge of the design work I see.


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