chili & brown sugar

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

chili and brown sugar seared salmon with a heap of favourite tossed salad

Mix equal parts chili powder and brown sugar (2-3 tbsp. each) until combined.
Simple, simple unbelievably easy and incredibly delicious - adapted from everyday food

Rub mixture into all surfaces of salmon (chicken, scallops or shrimp). Heat a bit of canola oil in a non stick pan until very hot. Sear both sides well. With salmon or chicken place in an oven proof dish and finish cooking in a 375 oven. 10 mins. or so. Shrimp and scallops would be delicious threaded on skewers and barbecued (maybe some orange segments or pineapple chunks threaded in between).

This is one of our very favourite heart smart dinners. Last night I prepared 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts this way and topped a giant heap of you-name-it-it's-in-it salad (another favourite) with the sliced chicken breast straight from the oven and an orange ginger sesame* dressing. OMG Yum !!

The cowboy took one look at his plate and exclaimed #!!!*&%$!!@? (translation -Wow !)

* zest & juice of 1 orange, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp. each of the following honey, grated fresh ginger, sunflower oil, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce. Place in a small jar, shake well and drizzle.


  1. Welcome home to the Cowboy. Let's eat.

  2. That's all? just chili powder and brown sugar? Incredible. I'm making this...SOON!

    Glad your CB is back.

  3. May I come over for dinner? Looks yummy!

  4. There are 8 things here you've mentioned that I don't have at hand. Off to do some shopping! Pronto! (as she tries to control excessive mouth-watering)!

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! Must make! And I must say that in some future life I'd like to be a cowboy... LOL

  6. That is some good lookin' food!

  7. My favourite meal.
    Salmon and greens!!
    Good for the skin, too.

  8. I think the Cowboy and I speak the same language!!!

  9. Made this on Wednesday night, and it was just as delicious as your evocative description promised. Thanks!

  10. Okay, I'm making this tonight. Mmm.


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