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Sunday, April 18, 2010

picnic park beach - Holga photo by much loved nephew Michael

One man's junk is another man's treasure

Goodness and I do mean Good Ness. I am, after a much delayed start*, in the throws of quite a dramatic and spectacular clearing out. Purge, declutter, reevaluate, get rid of, donate, free to a good home ... and so on. You get my drift. And the amazing thing is I'm so into it. Once that darn safety seal was broken (and it was tricky to break), once I got started and had taken away the first Teal wagon full of stuff to the charity shop ... well the rest has been not only fairly easy but actually darn right pleasurable.

As I said to MLou yesterday in one of our, every few days, phone chats. I guess big love is a fantastic replacement for ... say my gigantic collection of Bon Appetite & Gourmet magazines, or piles of cookbooks that I haven't cracked the spine of in years, Converse sneakers in really good shape that I don't wear because they hurt my feet (not to mention the age appropriateness of such foot ware - they're pink) - but hey I can't get rid of them they're still in really good condition. Bye, bye. Bad photographs of Jake ... but it's Jake ! No it is not Jake it's a bad photo. Bye, bye. I have lots & lots of great photos of Jake (I'm not throwing him away). And so it goes.

All this talk of continued decluttering is getting my heart a poundin' I still have lots to do so I must get going. The thing that's so great about this process is once you begin to let go it just gets easier and easier as you continue. Missy D and I need to have our walk, then our breakfast and we're gonna keep on with this sayin' ... Bye, bye.

I take great comfort in believing that some of my stuff will soon become someone's treasure.

* Why do anything ahead of schedule when you could wait until the last crazed moment ?

An appropriate song. Wink


  1. Spring, Big Love purging.

    As Martha says...It's a Good Thing.

  2. My mom is with you on the "*"
    Tail Wags to Tossing,

  3. I've just had a bright idea.... When you're done over there, with you decluttering and Mr Handy putting the house in working order, why not pop over here for a working holiday???? This house is crying out for such dedicated treatment!

  4. Oliver just whispered in my ear "say yes, Say ! Yes !"

    Honest to Gods I can't understand why it's taken me so long to get rid of such a great load of stuff that I really don't care about, or stuff that is so old, tattered, out of date, etc... I still have lots more to go (dreaded & packed crawlspaces) but I'm definitely in "la groove" and that crazy cowboy, driving like a crazy man, should be home tomorrow sometime. Hooray.

  5. People on a mission - he to get home, she to clear out stuff - ennui has no place here!! Not only are the wheels of progress turning, they are positively smokin' !!! Love to you and the gang Susan, and wishing you a very happy week ahead.

  6. There is a lot of this going on these days. Seems to be a theme in all the blogs I follow. Mine started out as Spring Cleaning and now we have our home up for sale and may be moving back to CALIFORNIA... I loved your post. Its been so long since I last visited. My Izzy (formerly Winnie) is coming along in her new home and even warming up slowly to my husband. I really needed to read your post. Bye, Bye..Gone, Gone, Gone...great motivation. Thanks!


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