so very happy

Monday, April 5, 2010

yesterday morning's, suns just up, walk with Miss D. along the harbour & the crescent beach

Baby, now that I've found you
I won't let you go
I built my world around you
I need you so
spent my life looking for that somebody
to make me feel like new

1967 The Foundations

I love the Alison Krauss cover of this song

I do feel so stunningly brand new - I feel all shiny & sparkly.
Baby, I won't let you go, I need you so ... and I sure do miss you. 4 days down 12 to go.

The weather - has been spectacular. It feels like we're a month ahead of schedule. Yesterday loads of kids zoomed up and down Black Street on their bicycles. People were out walking in shorts and sandals. I worked in the front garden for a few hours raking, uncovering spring flowers and clipping back shrubs, neatening up the terracotta gardens in preparation for the imminent eruption of les tres tangled greenness. The breeze from the harbour, flapping my clothes hanging on the line, was warm and balmy. I slept last night with the windows open and dreamed sweet dreams of my handsome cowboy.

I feel so very happy, so amazingly happy ...

Check out how cold & snowy things looked in this little village on April 05 last year - Wow !


  1. You slept with the windows open? Good grief. Here it's so cold and wet and windy, it feels like warm Spring will never come. (Cold Spring is here, though, which means flattened daffodils and flinching buds...)

    Stay happy and bright!

  2. I'm always amzed at how warm it can get there!

    "I feel so very happy, so amazingly happy ..."
    --Soak it up, Susan. So very happy for you too.


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