Tuesday, April 6, 2010

daphne - always the first to bloom in the terracotta gardens

Every year these tiny magenta blooms catch me by surprise - a shrub who's blooms turn into leaves. Suddenly your eye is caught by their vibrant colour hanging out cheerily amidst the dull and dirty. One day you glance up and look into the garden of browns and beiges, of dead leaves and still barest branches and these petite beauties are calling out.

Hello ! spring really is here ! Hooray


  1. I love Spring. It reminds me of heaven... our reward for living through the winter.

  2. Love the pictures. I have been away for a few days to visit family for the Easter holiday so I am just now catching up. Love the Granola recipe! Thank you for sharing. He will return before you know it! Godspeed, Cowboy, godspeed!

  3. My Daphne is one with very pale blooms... and it has nothing yet.. just browns amongst the deads and browns still...for quite a while yet in our zone. I must look for one that has magenta blooms if I can find one. Although.... they are not supposed to survive in Zone 3 anyway.... ours must be pretty hardy and I planted them in a safe spot of something. One branch broke under the weight of the snow shovelled onto it over the winter.... darn it...

  4. Enjoyed the photos of the daphne Susan, such a beautiful colour. As this flower heralds the beginning of Spring for you, I also love the sound of the first blackbird of Spring. Where I grew up there was not a lot of birds, mainly pesky little sparrows, but our family would become so excited to hear the blackbird and know that Spring was on its way.

  5. we love those purple things
    Benny & Lily


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