Sunday, April 25, 2010

lilac buds

It's one of those mornings when I feel kinda silent. Quiet. Alone with my thoughts. Oh Oh !
Those darn thoughts ... they almost always get me into trouble.

We (the cowboy, Miss D, the brown hound Bess and I) are going on a wee road trip today. We're off to meet MLou & Lauchie for coffee at a midway point between the city and this little village. The cowboy's finally getting to meet the parents ... or that's how it feels to me. A combination of can't wait all stirred up with a good dose of dread* - the most deadliest of combos.

Anticipation + expectation = anxiety

* for the socially phobic - of which I am a card carrying member in tres good standing.


  1. ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!

    If you weren't on the Heart Healthy diet I'd advise at least one stop at an ice cream shop.

  2. Ya know I just may make a "mild moderation is la spice of life" decision and have a cone of creme glacé B. Shamu. Much to the dismay, I'm sure, of the iron willed cowboy.

  3. Ditch the dread Ms. Black! There's no need for it on this road trip. We are just packing up in the big city. See you soon!!!

  4. Road trips are life's adventures!
    Woof + Tail Wags to All.

  5. Ahh you are wise in the ways of the Road Trip. Ice cream is a much better choice than the chili cheese dog with Fritos.

    Not that you were EVER eat that.

  6. Time to fly, Ms. Black! You deserve it!

  7. Good! Another milestone. Next thing we know, you'll be having neighbours round for coffee and cake.......

  8. waiting to hear all about it!!!

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