when you're lonely ...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last night's walk along the harbour with my girl Missy D

where do you go when you're lonely ?
where do you go when you're blue ?
I'll follow you

Ryan Adams

The last time the cowboy went on the big cross Canada road trip with the brown hound, back to a former life, I'd known him 16 days. I made him two music CD's to take with him, you know the infamous mixed tape - 32 songs that I loved, that I thought spoke somehow of me, of us, and of this big thing that was just blossoming (albeit with a vengeance). I didn't even really know what kind of music he listened to. I look back now and think what a brazen (and kinda confident) gesture that was on my part. I made CD covers (because I'm a designer) I hand wrote all the songs and artist names neatly, the cover photos were of Winnie and Piper Belle (so he and Bess would remember their new found pack). It's that kooky kind of thing you do when you've just fallen madly in love and you're feeling carefree & crazy. And he did listen to them, as he drove through the days and nights, on his long, long drive ... he listened to them over & over again.

He still listens to them often and this Ryan Adams song - Track No. 1 on CD 2 is one of his favourites ... mine too.


  1. I've enjoyed catching up on the posts I've missed whilst I've been away at the beach. Try not to be too lonely ... just think how wonderful those coming homes are!

  2. I am feeling that song today... I could be in that video.

  3. What would life be without those moments of loneliness?


  4. Hey ! I guess that title was a little misleading. I sure do miss that cowboy (and the brown hound) but ... I haven't been feeling lonely at all really. He'll be home soon and I've fortunately been really busy cleaning the crap out of this old brick house - making room for that darn cowboy to move on in. Wink. We both love this song and both can relate to our "prior" loneliness.

  5. If I could, I'd go to the Ocean and sit for a long time watching the waves roll in but since I can't ... I make a list and keep myself busy.

  6. I remember that CD-making episode! Can't believe I've been following you that long...


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