25 years ago

Monday, October 4, 2010

a blast from my past arrived in my inbox last night - from Norman - from our NSCAD days

From 25 years ago taken in the photo studios at the Nova Scotia College of Art + Design by fellow photo junkie and good friend Norman Longthorp. At NSCAD where I first fell in love with a camera, a Mamiya C220. Where I discovered design & typography, helvetica & white space. I arrived at the college as a mature student, I was 23 and I remember those first few semesters being so in awe, so in love, so happy, so perfectly at home I used to think this must be what it feels like to be born again. I was born again, while wandering around in a maze of corridors and stairways, up and down and around all those beautiful old historic buildings on the Halifax waterfront. It was an amazing life changing place for me, one I found very hard to leave after hanging around for nearly 5 years. And also the place where MLou (designer gal) and I became almost instant best friends ... 25 years ago.

Hey ! How about Thackery's first for a quick drink, or maybe Rumours and then we'll all race on up to CabbageTown and we'll dance 'til the lights come on.


  1. Whoa! Time Warp! I remember that girl and I'm very glad I still know her.

  2. My first two words were...."whoa" and "wow".
    Your profile is stunningly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful! We probably bumped hips at Cabbagetown:)

  4. What a lovely photo! Had you forgotten it? So nice to have it sent to you like that.....

  5. I do remember this photo ... one does when somehow as if by magic (perhaps of studio lighting) someone takes a photo of you where you don't look half bad. I love the pose, the sharpness and the warm grey of a real photo paper print.

    Sadly the area under my then, oh so defined chin and neck has since gone ... somewhere. Wouldn't it be nice if we could like all photos of ourselves ... even the ones 25 years later.

  6. Beautiful photo of you Susan, and the film clip - great choice!! Wool pullovers tucked in at the waist!! - who can DO that in 2010 (aactually,who would WANT to!)without a VERY bad visual outcome, and not a bead of perspiration singing under those hot lights!! Delightful post.

  7. I think maybe me, you and 'aliceinparis' might have been dancing in the same room and never knew it!

    yup, rumours (both when it was on Gottingen + Barrington) and then cabbagetown.

  8. Susan, you're gorgeous in this photo! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You look like a model. Hope you are well. hugs ♥ Valerie :]


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