the secret of my success

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miss Winnie Dixon & I love this time of year - blue skies, orange, yellow & reds. Sigh

Do what you love
and love what you do.

The secret of my success ...

and I am talking about the secret to my emotional success. It is always so tightly wrapped and tangled up with my life as a designer. Who am I ? First always, I am a self employed designer/illustrator or at least that would be my instant reply. I could give you a few other details of my personality, my likes & dislikes but mainly I like to create things for someone else to enjoy. It is, by far, the biggest part of who I am. It's the big, cozy fleece turtleneck I throw on each and every morning. It's what I think about 90% of the time and it never feels like work to me but on a good day I get paid very well for doing it - excellent !

When I don't have work I become depressed, my self worth plummets, lots of previously insignificant things in my life race to the forefront niggling, twisting and bugging me, I become sad ... I start to dislike myself. I think too much, I spend way too much time longing around in my mind. Never a good idea. I open the door to all those shady thought characters who've been patiently waiting in the wings for just this opportunity. They never go away they just hang in there, back in the shadows, waiting for a slip in my demeanour and then they all race out and party hard. Making me feel desperate, hopeless, + worthless.

Thankfully I have many (well 3) exciting new opportunities on the go here at the much loved teak topped desk. I'm almost too busy. But I hate to say that because I really feel that there is no such thing as too busy with me. Busy keeps me from drifting out into deep water. I'm getting better at balancing a few projects at the same time, becoming more efficient, and wasting less time. I'm so happy this way I could burst - that's the feeling. Having lots of projects on the go and new customers to get to know and to please is very exciting and the validation, the positive feedback becomes like a thick, sweet tonic to me. Soothing me, pushing me forward, exciting me and making me feel very happy & content.

Oh yeah ... and that darn Prince with his endless support & love ... that's the big thick frosting !!
on top of my budding Creative Empire cake ... and ya know how much I like frosting ;-)


  1. What beautiful photos to see from this rainy gray day in Brooklyn. I couldn't agree more about keeping busy...and of course, les Gang!

  2. So pretty. So glad the TTD is SMOKIN'

  3. I absolutely resonate with this post - busy is good! I have too many projects on the go at the moment, but feel fulfilled to the brim! Those dark, self-doubting moments come when I have time on my hands, so best to be overworked than underworked. I've posted some pics of the little dog on my blog for you to see x

  4. Love you describe that love as the thick frosting. awww.

    you know, Susan, you really are the perfect designer to be self employed as you love to work so much and are so self driven. Kudos! now, pretell, what would happen to you if you couldn't do that for some reason, maybe old age eventually? :)


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