Friday, October 1, 2010

handy cat (Oliver) at repose and ruminating the next restorative renovation project

The cowboy has an enthusiastic assistant in all indoor renovations and restorations. He is a very fast study, always shows up on time, never misses a day, is tres hard working and the most perfect apprentice - Oliver (head of the cat committee) & Handy Cat ... you can call him Dude.

Handy cats prefer bright orange shirts with sleeves & pockets so that they might look a little like the way cool Brooklyn born, beeg, blag, Dominican cat D. Estorbo. Handy Cats never wear baseball caps, it's much hipper to wear a touque (Canadian too eh ?). Handy Cats always wear safety goggles and a ventilator mask (when needed) 'cause workplace safety is also cool. Handy Cats wear leather tool belts with plus de pockets and a roll of duct tape is every cat's best friend.


  1. I love it. You are definitely one creative (and happy) individual. Spill some of that love over here, would ya?! :) xo

  2. Dude is such a handsome fella and the handy cat piece is amazing! Thanks for the link to D. Estorba - he's right here in the diverse borough of Brooklyn - love the accent.

  3. Er, just remember which handy cat knows how to paint and decorate, how to repair broken window panes, how to cook, tidy cupboards from the inside, and inspect the fridge, all without a fancy hat?

    Slightly Affronted Stripy but Gifted Cat from NuT

  4. er, dear Rachel regarding the ever and oh so talented stripy but gifted cat from NuT - I have a touque to give to her, my true love and what a dynomite duo we will be.

    yours humbly & with affection,
    Handy Cat, Oliver, le Dude


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