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Friday, October 22, 2010

Avec Cavallini butterflies and wearing sweaters handed down to me from my grandmother Flo

The most important opinion you have
is the one you have of yourself,
and the most significant things you say all day
are those things you say to yourself.

Unknown Author

I've been spending a lot o'time lately marketing me and my still tiny, but definitely blossoming, lil' ol Creative Empire and with advertising yourself, your skills & abilities, your history etc ... a basic Hey ! who are you, what are you up to and what do you look like ? You need a photo - of you. Yikes ! So as Missy D and I have been out and about here and there & everywhere I've been snapping photos of moi hoping to get at least one photo that I could feel happy with. Sigh.

Happy ? what a loaded word. Happy, in that sense of self-acceptance (boy that's a big word!) You know that feeling of Yeah that's a photo of me and I'm OK . Not the usual - Yeah that's a photo of me and I look fat, my hair's a mess, I look so old and/or sheesh look at the lines around my eyes ... I wanted a photo that hopefully illustrates the spark that I know hangs out inside me and that same spark that I strive to have show up in my work, always. Recently I've been asked to be a guest on another way cool design blog Eliza & Beth (this week's blog of the week). A blog who's overall look, content, design & photography I'm tres impressed with (and to be honest I'm not that easy to impress in this regard). So ... I have been mildly stressing about this darn photo that I need to submit of moi. Plus it's just a great thing to have on hand, especially if you are trying to grow your brand. Hello Creative Empire ! Come on, let's go !

I vote for No. 1, the cowboy loves No. 2 and Missy D's fav of course is No. 4. Vote if you wish ;-)

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled.
The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over
and let the Beautiful Stuff out.

Ray Bradbury

this quotation is for Amy & the girls over at Making Space 'cause I think they'll like it


  1. Hi you~!

    Taking pictures of oneself is hard!
    Thay are all good photos.
    I like 1 and 5 and 2

  2. All great, but you do look like you're hiding behind Winnie/under that hat! I'd go for the first, myself; conveys thoughtfulness, artistic leanings, and an unconventional approach to twinsets!

    But now we need to know how you manage to have such wonderful skin when you're out in all weathers?

  3. Hey Alice ! No. 5 ?

    My least favourite of course because it shows my 20+ lbs to lose body. But I did feel brave posting it. Thank you for that vote.

    I'm always so serious looking ?!?

  4. I vote for no. 1 or no. 2. You do have beautiful skin!

  5. oops ...
    I guess No.6 is les body shot

    skin regime - lots of thick goopy moisturizer and I've never been a sun bather as I'm quite fair and burn easily.

  6. My vote is either of the two with glasses. They frame your beautiful green eyes.

  7. Hmmmm. Well I like all the photos because you're beautiful. If we are only choosing from this set I'd have to say two because you have that impish grin going.
    But. I think to get that spark you're going to have to show the joy I find in your work. To me that means snapping the camera trigger as you remember how much you love ice cream, the tickle of dog whiskers against your cheek, cat acrobats and the love of a good man.

    Sparkle darlin'

  8. #1 my fave - good job on your portraits :)

  9. mom is wondering if you can set up a reflector to take away those shadows across your face...or #1 outside in natural light? like #5!! Just her own pickyness from photographing weddings!!!
    Tail wags to all.

  10. Hi Susan,
    Have you considered using the photo with the butterfly calendar but cropping out the calendar? It is a good photo, warm rich tones, the sweater color is perfect for your skin, your timeline (age) is hard to pin down and you have an look of confidence which is good for business. You do have beautiful skin and your eyes are magnificent.
    Best of luck picking and you are a brave soul to put the photos out there - an inspiration.
    Regards, Kitty

  11. thanks Kitty for your suggestions.

    Part of what I'm trying to accomplish in my life and it's a toughie is TO NOT over think (worry, fret) every thing. I've used my gut successfully in my work for years & years and now I think it's time to trust it in all areas of my life. I like the butterflies, I like the colour, I like the off centre composition ... and best of all my gut just said this is the one. For now - it doesn't have to be my forever & ever photo.

    Many of us (and me big time) can become so hung up on always searching for the ideal or the perfect thing, solution, photo ...

    I'm goin' with my gut on this one, because there is no wrong and I could easily take a billion, zillion photos of myself and still not be happy - but it wouldn't be the photo.

    I do appreciate all of your thoughts and comments and I think we should all be brave (if that's what it is) and put ourselves out there. xo Susan

  12. My vote is #1 - when I saw it I saw a woman who is content, happy with herself, who has a hidden imp inside and who is confident with herself as she is!

  13. Well then...the GUT WINS! Let's hear it for guts.

    By the way, thank you so much for providing heads that I can now photochop on any number of things. Bwhahahahhahaha.

  14. Hi Susan,
    For some reason I didn't think the butterfly photo was in the running - duh! It is number one and 'a number one' and appears to be your pick and I think the best pick, should a vote count. The colors are the wonderful, you look marvelous. No intention to discard the butterflies by any means!!
    Best of regards, Kitty

  15. I like picture #2.

  16. THANK YOU FOR THE QUOTE!!!!! It made me smile so big!

    Also your photos. I couldn't possibly pick one, I want a gallery. I see you picked one for your profile pic. It's awesome. In case you decide to rotate them, I like the butterfly pic SO much.

    But seriously. Gallery. Think about it.

    Damn. Now I am thinking if I should post a photo of myself out there li'dat too...

    Thanks again for the quote. I needed it at this exact moment that I'm reading it, true fact.

  17. What a beautiful face! I like 1, 3 & 5, 6 is good too, but you do look like you're hiding behind Miss Dixon. And I don't like the hand beside the face for some reason. :)

  18. You just flat out ROCK!!!! Pick a photo...ANY PHOTO...you are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! Go with your gut...like you said...that is the deal!!! XOXOXO

  19. I think that any of these photos works because they are all truly who you are....no pretension....it's what I love most about you. And you put out there for all of us to see....the love of your sweet pets, and your wonderful talents as an artist and creative empire building person. In it all....true to who you are. It's refreshing to see one living their truth and admitting to all that comes with that....the good and the bad....the ups and downs. Rock on sister! Like I said...choose any photo...they speak volumes....and at a time when we are all thirsting for real.

  20. Hey you! I love 2, 4 and 5! :) tee hee...couldn't pick one overall. :D


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