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Monday, October 18, 2010

more October goodness - my heart is again racing, for our world is so spectacularly beautiful

I was in love with the place
in my mind, in my mind
I made a lot of mistakes
in my mind, in my mind

Sufjan Stevens

The sky is just beginning to lose it's darkness. My bath is poured, I'm sitting typing by the glow of my computer and listening to Chicago by Sufjan Stevens, a song from the soundtrack of Little Miss Sunshine, last night's movie presentation here at 29 Black Street,'cause you know Every Night's is Movie Night. Uh Huh ! Every single night and almost all of our movies come from our local library.

The apple strudel (pictured above) is cholesterol free - here's a great recipe* and instead of sopping each sheet of filo pastry with butter which is the tradional method. I brushed the tiniest amount of canola oil just around the edges so that the pastry would seal properly. I made a glaze with icing sugar, a pinch of salt and maple syrup and we, heart healthy eaters, enjoyed big, fat slices still warm from the oven with a scoop of frozen vanilla yogurt. Delish.

Another big week of Empire building. I'm preparing to participate in the next two Poppytalk Handmade Markets (Nov. & Dec.) - so I'm getting loads of new stuff ready for my etsy shop (calendars, posters, giglee prints, new originals and lots of things only $10. +shipping). Fun !

* I confess I'm one of those who uses a recipe as guideline only - I love to tweak and substitute


  1. Little Miss Sunshine is one of the few movies I could watch over and over. Waiting for that last scene at the pageant makes me giddy with anticipation! I still howl with laughter.

    Have been enjoying your fall photos.

  2. You cooking rebel you. You have two food pictures so I'm guessing it's a Guess the Dish adventure. I'll say...Chunky Veggie Soup. By the way, a Dim Sum just for you.

  3. BSham - ya know the strudel, especially with the vanilla frozen yogurt was delicious - didn't at all miss the butter (and I can't believe I'm saying that). And yes, a Moroccan spiced squash, lentils, barley plus de veggies soup perfect for a blustery fall day.

    Heart healthy DS Sunday it 'tis.
    Tonight for example we're having California rolls. Very HH ! xo s

  4. Love the second last image - stunning composition.


  5. I love your pictures! Your souls captures! A friend of mine has a photography blog where people rom all over the world share the beauty around them. Maybe you like to check it out and maybe participate!

    Have a serene and blissful day.

  6. LOVE the song! You are so good at finding great songs.

    The photos are AMAZING as usual--blow me away every time there.


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