too sweet for words

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the wildflower hedge along the edge of the ocean where Missy D and I sit each evening

MLou, husband Lauchie and Wheaton terrier girl Jigs will be stopping by 29 Black Street later today for coffee and some yet to be determined baked thing - muffins of some sort ? - Hooray !

This poorly shot, choppy, terrible audio video was recorded a few days ago on the crescent beach which is currently packed with eel grass seaweed because of a week of very strong wind coming in from the open water. As I said, tres poor video quality, shot with my much beloved, nearly 10 year old camera which has a fairly archaic video function.

the subject of the video however ... well now, that's another matter - she is too sweet for words
Toby is a handsome young Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who we often run into

Missy D from susan black on Vimeo.


  1. I love the way her ears perked up from time to time in the vid. Hee :)

    Beautiful photos. Pretty much everything on your bloge it too lovely and sweet for words!

    Much love. xo

  2. Fabulous! She just couldn't stay serious, could she!

    How nice to hear your real actual live voice too!

  3. Ahhh, who hasn't always loved the pictures of Miss Winnie D? Who doesn't, now, adore that sweet girl, now we've had a chance to see the sparkle in her eyes? Thank you!

  4. Miss D having a chill moment!
    *pet* *pet* *pet* :)

  5. She seems so nonchalant with her short superstar video! Oh so adorable too!

  6. Love seeing Winnie and hearing the sound of your voice! Sweet video!
    I am playing catch up again! Always so much going on @ 29 Black Street.
    When I am away for a few days at a stretch, it is like coming home!


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