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Monday, November 22, 2010

I know, I know ... way too many photos of reddish pink geraniums + winter sunshine

Yesterday I worked away at the teak topped desk adding new things to my etsy shop and working on a new (and soon to be listed) illustration for a packet of 6 blank note cards avec gorgeous envelopes. As anyone who has an etsy shop (or ebay shop) knows it takes an inordinately shocking amount of time to list things. Photo taking, sizing, tweaking plus making perfect, then descriptive type writing, loading images, shipping and pricing details. Goodness it surprises me every time I do it just how many hours I end up spending. Miss D and the boy with the cone hung out with me and Oliver supervised while the cowboy sawed and measured and sawed and measured and sawed and measured some more.

Our big sunshiny blueish greyish greenish hallway is where the beat up armchair lives just under the large window that faces Black Street. The spot that is perfect for dogs and cats (or people) to snooze or keep watch so as to sound the alarm if necessary and is now also the home of a gigantic reddish pink potted geranium. Every time I left my desk yesterday for something , a glass of water, a clementine ... as I stepped from my office into the hallway I was continually stunned by the beauty, by the light, by the colour. Also a few geranium cuttings sit in a mason jar beside the orange cat bed on the extra wide windowsill in my office studio space, the window that faces our little harbour. I'm making more beautiful reddish pink geraniums. Sigh.

Often the simplest things are the things that absolutely take your breath away.

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  1. Seeing your lovely pictures reminds me of my frozen geranium on the deck:( I meant to bring it in,poor thing.

  2. It is a beautiful little pick me up.

    Counting down the days until Sam is cone free.

  3. I don't think that there is such a thing as too many of your exquisite flower pictures which never fail to enthrall. With summer here in South Africa now, I'm inspired by the brash orange nasturtiums running riot in the back garden.

  4. oh Val ... you have my heart a thumpin' at the brash orange nasturtiums running riot ... sigh. I'll be right over !

  5. Don't be silly - never too many pictures of geraniums and winter sunshine! It's about the only daylight there's been round here (in gloomy wet Newcastle) for days!

  6. Hey, congratulations, well deserved, on that listing, Susan!

    Incredible photos, as always. So lvoe them

    Yes, Etsy does take for ages and i haven't even done one yet, thus why not--too much time investment needed. I so need to get that up and running at some point!

    Are you cards printed in mass bulk or how do you chose to do that> what if the envelopes? Did you find some that matched well for your cards or perhaps you even made them, i don't know.

  7. beautiful shoots and love your new stuff!

    ps. I hate that part of the selling bussines!


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