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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

peace illustration avec hot psychedelic colours

A little later on today, this new illustration, will magically turn into a package of six, square, blank on the inside note cards (4.75 x 4.75) sealed up in cellophane with six 5 x 5 hot coloured envelopes (lilac, lime green, hot pink, tangerine, lemon yellow & robin's blue) available for sale in my shop. A perfect alternative take on les Holiday card - peace on earth - or as an everyday all occasion note card ! It will also be available as a giclee print very soon.

Stay tuned also for a big give away tomorrow. Fussy Mussies that we are (me and the team), the first version of this illustration, although practically identical, did not pass the eagle eye creative quality control. So ... an original gouache painting almost identical to the above illustration (aprox) 7 x 7 on heavy, smooth, hot press watercolour paper, will be given away !!

of course the colours in these photos are not exact but fear not - they are vivid !!


  1. That is really beautiful.

    A giveaway?? A cowboy clone with his own cloned tools??

    More collage stuff winging it's way to you, not so big this time and if you can't use any of it please feel free to chuck it in the fireplace.

  2. Figures I'm the only one commenting on how much I love the peace symbol artwork.

  3. thanks Big Shammy :)
    and U2 Missy Dragonfly

  4. Beautiful :)Love both the colours and the design

  5. peace + love + tail wags to all!
    Love the design, but then again mom always loves squares and circles...maybe you two should put your noggins together and come up with something mom could print on her
    old Goldie printing press....

  6. So beautiful and such delicate detail!


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