Sunday, November 21, 2010

more shots of our sunny second floor hallway home of the hot pink geraniums

It snowed here last night, everything was white when the sun came up
The new & fabulous entertainment centre is under construction
The handiest man ever has a cold - let's hope it doesn't turn into a man cold
Sam is suffering the cone 10-12 days - absolutely no licking
I'm working on lots of new things for my etsy shop - stay tuned


  1. lovely pink thing in winter. great riches.

    I want to say something about the struggle. its a sign of intelligence, imo. you feel alienated? good. because much of the culture is something to reject in the first place. you found the balm. it is the animals, the art, the home, the love, the beauty. youre not to worry. You are solid as a rock.

  2. hey chickory dear friend what an absolutely perfect thing to say to me. Phew !

    I think you're right. And I sure do have my balm, my tonic, my brick house by the ocean filled with my family of animals, my life of seclusion and partial isolation in this teeny tiny village, a job that allows me to Dream, and my Prince of all Things Good who too is an alien in this world.

    merci my friend Merci !!

  3. You don't look bad with a lampshade on your head. No licking
    Benny & Lily

  4. A dog or cat in a cone always seem so sad.
    And I agree with Chickory - alienation in this day and age is a really a sign of discriminating sensibilities.

  5. Poor Sam! I LOVE your new dog! He is so cute. And I am thinking that after about 4 days he won't even think about licking anything and the cone can go....if we had to leave every dog we neutered in a cone for 10 days it would be CRAZIER around here...hardly EVER have to use the E-collar for anyone, thank goodness!

    Please give us a report on Bess, the brown hound....I miss her sweet face and wonder when and if she will return.

    I love that you take TONS of pictures and I love your photography! You are so gifted on SO MANY levels! Sorry you have been feeling on the wrong side of OK. I, too, have had one of those weeks where I am just another stranger in a very strange land and no one knows me and I don't know anyone and everyone else seems to very readily recognize each other and why can't I just be NORMAL? Why can't I always say exactly the right thing at the right time and do exactly the right thing at just the right time instead of feeling completely out of step with most of the people who populate my world?

    I don't know! I just don't. And it is gonna have to be OK that I am who I am where I am. Because it is not likely to change. You are marvelous, marvelous, marvelous and so many folks enjoy you so much (struggles and all!) that they check in on your daily blog posts religiously!

    I agree with Chickory! Love you, gal!!!


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