Saturday, November 27, 2010

scenes from les hub - production, warehouse, shipping & receiving + boardroom avec CEO

that would be - cehq - les Creative Empire Head Quarters

And yes, that is the break room (dish) where our worker bees (cats) stop for their scheduled 15 mins 8 x daily, uh Huh ;-( paid break time to snack (and fortify) on their fav - stuffed morsels.

The big black table which sits directly opposite the teak topped desk (home of product development, administration & feline resources) serves both as our production facility as well as our shipping & receiving department. The big, bright, sunshiny (and warm) second floor hallway just outside the main offices is our ink drying/warehouse facility.

Yesterday I shipped out my first real wholesale order - 10 Hey Normal Day poster calendars + 10 Good Things Come poster calendars - to a great artist/handmade lovin' boutique in the city, our city, the one and only - Halifax. I sent my package off to Chara @ Love, Me Boutique - if you're in Halifax stop in and say hello and check out out all the great artist - designer - craftsperson hand made stuff she has for sale in this fantastic little shop on Birmingham.

Today it's a big clean and purge and re-organisation of les hq. If I begin a task like this early enough in the day I'm good to go and can really get into it. Here's Hopin' + Happy Saturday !


  1. The production line looks pretty efficient. I'm waiting for you to start inking cat paws for the Pet Shop calendars.

  2. ooh ! uh huh ... they'd like that

  3. congrats on the sale! Funny...I was just in Love, Me Boutique yesterday for the first time. (we don't get to Halifax often)

  4. I DEFINITELY want to go to Halifax. Bring on that teleporter technology...

    Also - on yesterday's post, could Sam be any cuter or more forlorn? LOL

  5. love see those pictures about your production, shows all the care you put on it!
    congrats on the wholesale order!

  6. Love your close ups and lcongrats on your first real wholesale order!! Way to go! The dominance begins. hee.


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