give away peace

Thursday, November 25, 2010

peace - original gouache painting on heavy, bright white, arches water colour paper 8.5 x 9

signed, sealed (in biodegradable cellophane) and delivered ... anywhere in this world

Leave a comment here - today through end of Wednesday December 1 for a chance to win
You know who will draw a name ;-)

a second name will be drawn for a packet of 6 peace notecards with hot coloured envelopes !!

Last night's movie presentation (borrowed from our fabulous library) was - the Lovely Bones.
I read the book a few years back and I was prepared to not like the movie turns out I was very pleasantly surprised, in fact I thought the movie much better captured the essence of this difficult & painful story. In 1973, the year the movie begins, I was 14, the same age as the main character Susie, and so much of the movie reminded me of my own teen years ...


  1. Ohhhhh, pick me, pick me! I LOVE that design!

  2. Simply beautiful! Peace is the best message for this time of year. Please count me in!
    P.S. I absolutely love your geranium of my favourite flowers.

  3. I'm happy to enter this contest.
    And I agree, I really didn't think I'd like the Lovely Bones - as is usually the case when I like a book (example, the Time Traveler's Wife). But I think they did a very good job with it.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from the States! Now pick ME, Oliver!! :D

  5. such beautiful painting, I love it and you are so generous!
    hope have good luck here, merci for the chance Susan!!

  6. Oh now everybody comments. Bwhahahahahhahahahahha.

    Gobble Gobble.

  7. Despite his fondness for Mlle Millie, I will rely on Oliver's impartiality to pick me. Coincidence? I was also 14 in 1973. And I'm renovating a downstairs room with a new floor, new ceiling, and entertainment center. Just following your lead Susan!

  8. Dang it. Anonymous is John.

  9. John - Shut ! Up !
    so glad for your comment(s)

  10. Count me in Susan :)

    As for the movie, I just cant handle sad stories, I take them to heart too much.

  11. I love your design and colour palette! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  12. This design is gorgeous. I love it.
    I've always been afraid of The Lovely Bones... afraid it would be too sad. Maybe I will read it some day.

  13. Hummm.... I hope a cat picks a dog!!
    Yippee Skippy then I would win. I would cross my dew claws if I had them.
    Tail Wags to all.

  14. I was prepared not to like The Lovely Bones also, adoring the book, but I really enjoyed it. I think Stanley Tucci should have gotten at least an Oscar nomination for his uber-creepy psychopath.

  15. Lovely piece of peace.
    Biodegradeable cellophane? I must look for that.

  16. A give away....count me in. Beautiful design. I'd be so happy to win these!

  17. to find peace in your piece is so easy you see, so dear kitten of kittens, please picketh me!

    these are beautiful, thanks for the giveaway:)

  18. I would be thrilled if Oliver picked my name, and I'm not above abit of bribery... like sending him a package of little tasty bits!

  19. this is an absolute bonus!
    I'm here via Alison @flowers pick themselves,
    and this print is so so gorgeous.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and your space here.

  20. please pick me because . . .

    I love your blog
    I visit everyday
    I love your work
    I love peace
    My two associates (Mickey and Duffy) begged me to enter because . . . they love peace too.
    No pressure.

    Peace out

  21. I would love this. I sure hope he picks me!


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