the prince, the handy cat ...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the beautiful new archway and the space nearly ready for one entire wall of built ins -sigh

The Prince, the Handy Cat ( his apprentice ) and the brand new archway ...

ready for mudding and taping which was completed yesterday. He (that darn Prince of all Things Good) is doing this living room dining room project in 2 phases (because we use this room every evening for our 29Black Street Every Night is Movie Night presentations). The wall space in the above photos will soon turn into one big unit with drawers and cabinets and shelves and cubby holes - holding TV, amp, turntable, CD player, speakers, DVD collection ... and so on. OMGoodness I'm dancing a jig here just at the thoughts, this is something I have always imagined & desired in this space. I love it when you can put stuff away when you're not using it.

Wish it, picture it, desire it ... and be careful because you just might get it. I can hardly keep track of all the amazing goodness that has appeared in my life this past year - the latest & greatest is - big, sweet Sam. I can finally stop, for now, my obsessive, daily shelter(s) hunting. I have wanted a second dog since dear Piper Belle died in March. Two is a very good number.

Oliver, the handiest cat ever, has been helping Doug all along but he has a special interest in the architectural drawing & planning of les new entertainment centre. While they've been drawing cabinets & shelving I've been drawing giftware + home decor stuff for a new customer - hooray !!


  1. When he's finished, can you send Doug over here? And if he brought Oliver with him, that would be heaven indeed! And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

  2. Oliver's packing his little duffle bag as we speak.

  3. Please add my address to Doug and Oliver's itinerary. That archway is wonderful, can't wait to see the finished wall. I have all kinds of projects for that dynamic duo!

    Susan, all your planets are in alignment and some good karma is living in your home.

  4. Hey Blue Heron - you aren't just a whistlin' Winnie Dixon are ya ???

    don't I know it !!

  5. Susan, your posts always bring such a smile to my face - your happiness is catching! Thanks!

  6. i adore this post! i agree with blueheron's comment about your karma :)

    xo Alison

    p.s. the poem of mine that you linked to is featured in indie ink today!

  7. wow Susan, you are doing the most amazing things there at 29 Black Street. I love seeing Oliver enjoying it all, too.

  8. I have to say the cowboy is looking pretty trim himself these days. Is it all that working out you put him up to? :)


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