Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love maps and globes and am wanting a globe with black oceans to add to my wee collection

the bookcase at the top of the stairs, home of some of my collected treasures

a few of my many large jars of sea glass, pottery shards and smooth shiny stones
a basket full of shells collected from beaches far + wide
pale, smooth, handpicked sticks once thrown into the ocean for a big red dog
a few piles from my extreme magazine hoarding addiction
a lime green pitcher that I love bought at a village yard sale
a print of a man in stripes I bought when I was 20
two photographs of my paternal grandmother Flo ... she saved me


  1. Susan, I love your little vignette...especially the globes and sea glass.

  2. Right there with you, Mary D! Globes and sea glass... Sigh

    Was the sea glass harvested right there along the harbor where you walk?

  3. yes Chez!! and these two jars are just a tiny, tiny portion of my (ever) obsessive collection - 17 years of oft twice daily beach combing avec les sweeties = a lot o' beach glass

  4. You share my same addiction with globes and maps in general. I love your collection and how beautifully you display them. Your grandmother has such a sweet face

  5. Mom thinks she took some of the sea glass you may have picked up if she did not, while combing the shores of Nova Scotia...
    Tail Wags,

  6. What a lovely collection of things...displayed beautifully. I just love beach glass and have a couple of jars (but not nearly as filled as your jars...I'll have to work on that!)

  7. I come from a long line of sea glass hoarders. I collect sea glass when visiting in-laws in Spain, and people think I'm nuts! My parents found an island off of Maine where there was a very old navy installation, and they had a factory that ground up old glass bottles and such, and jettisoned it into the sea. Now there is one whole beach that is almost nothing but sea glass.
    Love the green pitcher too - that is my color!

  8. love your treasures, the globes are amazing and the jars speaks about beach walkings and they must have smell of sea...mmm...
    simply wonderful!

  9. have the best photography and THE most cozy place. You sure you don't have a spare room to rent out?!?! :D
    hee hee Love you OH so much and thankful you are in my life.

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  10. How are you able to be so crazily organized AND a creative minded individual? This is gorgeous--the simplicity and seeming spaciousness of it all with the muted colour and spots of bright too.


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