Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hearts + leaves - gouache illustration

(or should that be grumbling) while on the search to find my groove

I am so on the hunt to find that darn groove - for an absolutely key element in any Creative Empire is the Creative (Uh Huh ! the big ol' capital C Creative) - the creation of stuff. I happily chatted with best friend and designer gal MLou yesterday afternoon (always soothing tonic for my mind & soul) and was bemoaning my tendency day in day out to sit at the teak topped desk effectively spinning my wheels. I always feel that I have too many choices of things that could (and many that should) be done, brand new directions that could be ventured, many well worn and trusted paths that could be strolled upon again ... and again. Les tried and true. Choices, too many choices, then factor in those nigglers - those tasks and chores that must be kept on top of in order to run (or at least feign the attempt to run) a tight TTD*). Grumble.

I wonder should I attempt to schedule in my creative time, block it out on each week's calendar.
Tuesday's, Thursday's + Friday's create from 10-4pm. On your mark, get set. goooooo !! In fact maybe having a schedule for all those other niggling things would help.

a few of les Nigglers

Editing my iphoto - perhaps an hour each day until I have a system of sensible folders and after that file + delete as I go (oh you dreamer you ! and oh my I have so many of them ... dreams).

ARCHIVing - anyone with a computer, who works on a computer, day in day out knows the importance of archiving and yet so many of us play that daring game of hmmph it won't happen to me - the it being of course LOSING everything.

Email overwhelm, and trust me in the big scheme of things I do not receive a lot of emails. I have two address's 29 black street & susan black design and I constantly feel thrown by what to do with most of the mail I receive and often, way too often delete things I shouldn't in a mad once every few months overzealous dumping of the in, sent and trash boxes.

The general tidyness and organization of ideas, tools & supplies. There is nothing worse than spending two days looking for your small cutting mat 'cause ya know you just had it. grrrrrrrr

Continuing to build my portfolio blog. Uploading more of the piles and piles of finished drawings and illustrations that I've accumulated over ten years of being a self employed designer

My etsy shop - keeping my small inventory organized, ordering components (cellophane sleeves & cardboard mailers), shipping, bill paying all the while adding new exciting stuff to the shop !!

Marketing moi & the budding CE** and hunting for new & plentiful paying gigs

MLou, also a self employed creative person knows first hand the beast of which I speak. Throw in the universal time waster (and love of my life) les net, especially my main man Google and one doesn't have to wonder long Where does that darn time go ?? When speaking about other creative's who seem to have a great handle on the creative part MLou brought up Geninne (a favourite of both of ours) an amazingly talented woman, mother & wife who seems to steadily churn out stunningly beautiful, thoughtful things. What's her secret I wonder ??

Suggestions ? ideas ?? thoughts ? tips ?? Anyone ?? ... all + any are very welcome.
I'm off now to the lands of bubbles & scent, I'll grumble and wonder awhile more there ;-)

Hey, it's the last day to enter our peace illustration giveaway here

* TTD - Teak topped desk
** CE - Creative Empire


  1. hahahaha
    i'm not a self employed but I have a half part job and I can't do all what I want to do. I think the same and sometimes I think to have the perfect balance is almost imposible and it came the same question: how can they do that? (like Gennine), well, maybe they are a super something, maybe they don't sleep to much or... I don't know!
    so when you have the secret.... share it please!

  2. Happy December!
    It's all in the tail waggin.

  3. I think its just in some peoples nature to get alot done. Like being tall, or giggly, or confident or stressed, its just the way they are made. Im not one of those people who get a lot done in a day, though I often wish I was. I think its best to just do what you can and do it well and let all the other stuff go.

  4. Thinking too much is not good...go where your creativity takes you. Your hearts and leaves image is beautiful!

  5. For someone who professes not to be productive or focused you turn out incredibly beautiful work.

  6. That picture is just gorgeous. And I can't believe I missed the deadline for the giveaway, that peace sign is spectacularly beautiful. You are so very talented.
    Am waiting for my parcel to arrive, with more of your lovely work in it, am very excited to see it - the postmen have not been able to get through to us because of the snow. Us English just aren't prepared for more than a scant scattering of snow. We now have 12 inches and everything's ground to a halt!

  7. I love this illustration!! :) Looks like you've been doing alot of thinking and organizing. I am SO far behind on my stuff and disappointed I am nowhere near where I wanted to be this holiday season. Ugh....and now, I'm moving in a few weeks. Grr.

    :) Much love to you. xo

  8. yes, the net may be a time waster but w/o it we wouldn't know of you and your amazing talents.

    Oh, I am soooo bad at not archiving. i could get in huge trouble one day 1

    How, btw, did you do this gorgeous heart? Each side looks like an exact replica of the other but I know you do things with traditional methods for drawing? Did you trace it then flip it? just wondering. GREAT end result. :) Love the colour choices too.


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