it's here ... almost

Thursday, December 23, 2010

you must be kidding ?? all new !! honest ... geranium photos, tres exciting for you I'm sure.

Please think of these blooms as my Christmas tree, my wreath or maybe twinkling holiday lights.

These geranium cuttings sit on my sunny wide office window sill waiting for roots. At a certain time late in the afternoon the low in the sky, golden sunshine falls on these gorgeous red petals and my breath is taken away ... yet again. Bare with me.

Miss D & I will be spending part of Christmas Eve with the Grinch, the dogson and my 5 year old friend- hooray !! Then back Christmas morning a short walk from here along Water Street past our harbour, ice free still, to their big, old rambling yellow house for Christmas trees, stockings, special breakfasts & some glee. That darn Prince will stay at home with the rest of our furry brood scheming, drawing + planning les next big project. Les beautiful + spectacular, one whole wall, home entertainment centre, built in is painted and begins loading today. OMGoodness- sighing.

The very best Christmas music


  1. Hope you and the gang are safe and faring well with the terrible weather. Enjoy the festivities.

  2. Thank you B. Heron it seems as though the weather is wild "everywhere" oh oh

    happy festivities to you & your gang

    & Hey you Shannon Bell ! - Merci :)
    I just left you a comment on your blog

  3. Ho Ho Ho and Happy Festivities to all. No snow yet here at our Old Town home in Fort Collins....packing up, heading to our mountain cabin where the snow is deeper than mom + dad, a Golden Retriever's wonderland...oh, and the cat comes too!
    Tail wags + snowballs,

  4. love your geraniums! no christmas decor here either...

    your plans sounds great!

    happy holidays!

  5. Love those red Geraniums!!! I have been AWOL for about 10 days! this time of year is capital C: CRAZY!!!! And THE DAY is almost upon us! I have caught up on all your posts! Gonna read his two books you have mentioned. BTW: did you read The Time Travelers Wife? I enjoyed every line! Wonderful book and so NOT the kind of book I would USUALLY pick up. Shows what I know!

    Merry Christmas to my sweet Nova Scotia family! Love you ALL!

  6. I love the Peanuts music and dancing... it always puts a big smile on my face. The Charlie Brown Christmas music is my favorite. I play it over and over every Christmas.
    Enjoy all your Christmas festivities, Susan!

  7. You forgot my favourite peanuts one....


  8. i love that geranium; it's such a nice soft and gentle red and not an assault to the eye; perfect for Christmas. Do enjoy the holidays!

  9. Susan - loved both of these clips. Can understand it completely! I have 18 in my husband's family coming for a traditional hot sitdown dinner. Me, the social phobic!!! No-one will know, I will carry it off beautifully (fingers crossed so tightly at the moment they are nearly breaking) and dance like that little girl in the purple dress when it's all over!

  10. Thanks for coming over to my blog. I'm trying to rededicate myself to blogging (and painting) after a very rough year. Your work is AMAZING, INSPIRING and HONEST. I love that.


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