a little of this ...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

pink roses in my next door neighbours front garden

a little of this ...
a little of that ...
a little fabulous, one entire wall, home entertainment centre building (update soon avec photos)
a little more creative empire building

we, he & I, we are so contentedly dull ...
we sure do love our projects


  1. Contentedly dull? Don't you mean blissfully homely? Hurry up with those photos of the finished project!!

  2. you may be sorry ...
    tres green + sorry ;-)

    "it" is a thing of utter magnificence

  3. I can't wait to see the photos. My project is nearly done except for finishing touches, and I'm always looking for inspiration.

  4. Dude, y'all are endlessly fascinating. No dullness here. You know I sometimes just sit and think what Susan and her cowboy are doing to the house and the Creative Empire right now...

    By the way. That trip to Hong Kong. Definitely gonna need a stopover in Hawaii. Just sayin.

  5. MS ... shut ! up !!
    a place I've "always" dreamed of going

  6. Hey, mom thinks we can plan your trip and you can take a "flat moose"...kinda like "flat Stanley" along with you then send us all photos!
    Tail Wags,


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