Tuesday, December 21, 2010

peanut butter cups* a la Martha

Christmas (unfortunately) = a sugar addicts yee hah !!!
I made marshmallows yesterday, tres thrilling I gotta say (more on that tomorrow)
Peppermint patties are yet to be concocted but definitely still on la list.

last night's dinner - pizza Marguerite with anchovies, black olives + basil from my sunny windowsill & creamy, tres garlicky, Ceasar salad with crunchy homemade croutons. Yum !
last night's dessert - our seasonal standard of chocolate & clementines
last night's movie - watched while tucked into the hotel like setting of the chocolate brown bedroom (because of the painting :) happening in our living room - the Guns of Navarone

Assorted holiday goody making on les schedule again today & not all of the sugah variety, phew !

*recipe note : if I made these PB cups again I would reduce the sugar by half, making them more peanut buttery and more creamy - less pasty. They taste good but they could be much better. I used all natural chunky peanut butter and I would paint the paper cups with two coats of half milk, half dark Belgian chocolate melted together making the coating a little bit thicker.


  1. So what you're saying is you're going to make these these oh so lickable pictures...AGAIN just to torture me??? Do you really want that black ocean globe?

  2. more Candy to Come

    Watcha be talkin' bout Willis ?
    Yes !!!! but
    only if I can Paypal you !!

    Top shelf of les spectacular home entertainment centre has been reserved for our globe collection, which won't be complete without the black ocean globe.

  3. Then I will definitely drag myself from these lovelies and get to shopping.

    I don't know about paypal...perhaps a trade for some Mallomars, you Canadian Crack Dealers.

  4. Oh wow, wow, wow!

    Do you ship to the UK? ;-)

    May have to give these a go myself!


  5. This was a hard post for me to deal with. Managed the first few pics ok but then suddenly.... the cut one with it's lucious interior!
    omg! I was like Big Shamu and licking the monitor. That is the most gorgeous and delectable bit of goodness i have ever seen.


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