by the end of the year

Friday, December 3, 2010

from a walk along the harbour's edge avec my pack and in warm drizzle at dusk

by the end of the year ... a mere 28 days from now
& in the ongoing spirit of positive thinking

I will create & send out 3 x 3 matted collages to all those who sent me packages of amazing paper goodness. I bet you've been wondering ... oh my, that was the end of August sheepish ;-(

I will have signed a contract with a big, fancy, gift customer - Hooray !

I will have 2 new product design customers well under the Creative Empire wing

I will be producing a ton (ya huh ! I said a ton) of new stuff for my etsy shop - I have so many new ideas I make my own head spin & spin & spin. Not my wheels thankfully just my head ;-)

I will be dreaming* about a trip to Hong Kong (for 2 weeks please, just in case your keepin' track of specifics Madam Universe) with my sister to visit my nephew (her son) who will be doing his final semester of university there - oh my, sigh, is there a more beautiful tropical jungle city ??
Hey Georgie are you still here?

* I'm dreamin' on this one, seeing as I've barely a penny to my name - but Hey ! it's 6 months away and I know a lot can change in the blink of an eye 'cause nothing stays the same and good things really do come !!


  1. That's the attitude!

    But... (whisper)... what about that Etsy notification for a certain customer?

  2. Such lovely news Susan but the Hong Kong plans are the icing on the cake! Fantastic!

  3. hi Pam ... well the Hong Kong plan is really just a big ol' dream but Hey ! I believe it's important to speak your dreams out loud, to visualize them, to dream them xo S & les Gang

    & merci mon patron Rachel !


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