last night

Friday, December 17, 2010

hooray for geraniums - where would I be with out my red ?

last night's dinner - corn chowder with crunchy sauteed garlicky zucchini and asparagus
last night's dessert - seasonal splurging - squares of Lindt chocolate and clementines
last night's movie - Wood Allen's Hannah and her Sisters
and this song stuck in my head this early morning


  1. So I'm guessing that le Dude is no longer wearing his tighty whities or his evil collar of No lecking and that he and Miss D. are two peas in a pod. By the way where is that painted floor he's laying on in his blog badge picture?

  2. The painted floor photo is my "dogson" ... I mean godson - Juicy (a new to the village friend's dog). Sam or les Dude is the photo above, the Mr. Faux Leon Berger

    all healed perfectly apres 12 days avec le cone of shame (although he was so funny he began quite quickly to behave as if it was just part of his new life here at Black Street - the cone did not deter, he crashed and bumped around quite happily. Of course we took it off for dining and recreation ;-)

  3. So that floor is at Juicy's house? It's spectacular.

    Good to hear he's all better and fitting in nicely.

  4. clemetines + woody allen...our lives are so similar!


    xo Alison


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