a little whinge

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

love ... love will keep us together - gouache & digital illustration

just stop, stop 'cause I really love you
stop, stop I'll be thinking about you
look in my heart, and let love keep us together

Captain & Tennille

More wild howling wind, blowing icy and frigid in off the water
The harbour's been churned up and murky for a week now
I have a cold, the first sickness in four years
Fishermen's Friends and 3 ply tissue with aloe lotion, my sidekicks
I have hearts are on my agenda today ... lots + lots of hearts

I'm off now to hang my head over a sink of steaming eucalyptus water
and to see if I can't find a darn Prince to whinge a bit to


  1. Sorry you are feeling bad, Susan. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. This cold is whipping around the US and now Canada. Not fun. Feel better and consume large quantities of soup.

    What is Whinge?

  3. a whinge is a cute
    version of a whine

    ask Doug how cute it is ?

  4. Sounds like you are well-supplied for your cold. Snuggle in, keep warm, and feel better soon.

  5. SNORT!!! (today a snort with mucus)

    Dear Sweet Susan, I would imagine asking Doug about what's cute about you would result in a rather long list and I wouldn't want to keep him from building/fixing/dragging heavy crap to the dump duties.

  6. feel better, my friend! HUGS!

    xo Alison

    p.s. i can't remember if i emailed you about my personal blog password. things have been crazy :/ let me know if i forget to send it to you! thanks!!


  7. i love this illustration - is it yours? i would like to purchase it.


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