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Thursday, December 30, 2010

juniper - blue sky + ever green

I'm still blowin' and a sneezin' and whining ... the latter as little as possible. It's the kind of cold that's just plain irritating, where you just don't feel like doing anything & doing barely anything for nearly 4 days is way long enough. I just realized that the big day is only 2 days away. The big annual clean off les slate, my favourite time to set a few new goals, dream some new dreams and of course set my own personal bar(s) even higher than before. Well why not ?

An idea I spied over at Ali Edward's blog - is to choose one word to be a guide or mantra for this new year ... I like that idea and a word came to me instantly. In past years I've always favoured making the big, long traditional list of new years resolutions (mostly unreasonable & often unattainable is my normal tendency) but somehow that's seeming tired and I've realized this year so likely doomed to failure ... as in so many other years. No resolutions. Just a list of things. Something new this new year.

New to me anyway - I've decided to do a bucket list for 2011. Simple - eleven is such a lovely and reasonably small number - 11 things - goals, dreams, new experiences ... the exercise of making the list is really what the whole thing's all about - figuring out what you want in your life. It's that simple (or so it seems) but I do so love the process of planning* a new adventure -
Hello 2011 !

Off to the lands of steamy bubbles, scented this morning with soothing tea tree, eucalyptus & lavender oils sure to clear my head just a little & Hey ! I think I see the sun coming up, hooray !

*planning is a craft I've delicately honed ... now the doing ... we're still working on that one


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