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Sunday, December 5, 2010

peonies from our terracotta gardens - from the iphoto, and never edited, archives

I love to hang out in my iphoto archives ... all 20,000 (or some other ridiculously big number) photos have captured all of my life over the last nearly 4 years. My life ...

my stunningly beautiful, amazing life

heard this lovely song while having lunch with my friend Helen - I had the Whirlygig's Benny (poached eggs & hollandaise on fish cakes) with a homemade biscuit, jam + a side of chow yum


  1. mom ALWAYS enjoys your photos and posts
    Benny & Lily

  2. Beautiful - peonies are my favorite flower. Such soft rich density in all those petals. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has a few beds of them, but I always miss their peak.
    Do you keep all your photos archives on your hard drive or an external hard drive? I fear my collection is slowing down my computer. I do back up to an external drive every few weeks, but I'm so hesitant to delete them from the computer.

  3. Gorgeous flowers, LOVE that song. Grew up listening to the Olivia Newton John version...

  4. shhhhh ... Kate I "do not" back up or archive my much loved photos and it freaks me out completely to consider losing them. Your question has forced me to add a call genius nephew Mike tomorrow for advice on where and how to save them. I need an external device I think.

    I cannot explain how much I love having all these images, this visual record of my life and it's the main reason that I love having this blog.

    According to genius nephew it is not slowing my computer "and" I do need to edit - there's a lot of beauty and memories but there's also a whole lot of nothing taking up space.

    genius -

  5. Yes, an external hard drive would be very easy for you. It should be no problem to just plug it and leave it. I work off a laptop I move around and put away, so the external HD is not as convenient for me, but cheaper than an online storage system.
    Having once almost lost everything, I'm pleased to scare you a little if it inspires you to get a system!

  6. gosh, that song takes me back to a version by the Hollies (?)

  7. "....all 20,000"??!?!?!?! Holy!!! And I thought I had a lot of photos. hahaha Seriously impressed. But of course, YOURS are far more enjoyable to look at than my own. hee :D



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