red, paper, pink + ink

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

new 5 x 7 greeting cards I'm working on just in time for vday

I've always loved valentines day, crazy thing said the girl who was single for like forever and who's most recently crazy about a man who gave her a new dryer duct (and installed it) last valentine's day. Hey ! I'm not complaining. My love for vday has never been about the sentiment, it's been all about the colours and icons. I just love all that red, all that pink and all those hearts.

This past 2 months I've participated in Poppytalk's Handmade Market as part of my ongoing efforts to build, grow & market me + my little Creative Empire. In that time my etsy sales have risen from 9 to nearly 50 and my stuff has been featured (noticed on Poppytalk first) on a handful of tres cool and beautiful design/craft blogs. Including stijl magazine, eliza+beth, and
design therapy girls - this kind of internet press is all part of the master CE plan ;-) for it is amazing how much traffic a little press will send to the blog, the shop, the portfolio site.

These new cards are all handmade. Collage & ink and will be available singly or in sets of 4. Each card is unique, no two the same and watch out ! for lots more red, paper, pink + ink.


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