snug as bugs

Saturday, November 6, 2010

lilacs No.4 polaroid SX-70 - 7" x 7" giclee print a custom request (always welcome)

It's pouring this early morning.

Really pouring, freakishly warm tropical air and slightly horizontal sheets of rain tap tapping against the dark window panes of les studio/office. The high winds yesterday have stripped the tress of their final remaining bits of colour and outside it's grey and dark.

The Prince (ofATG)* & Sam are donning their rain apparel and heading out to take care of some business while Miss D and I hang back, she in her cozy den under my desk and me above typing by the glow of my monitor, my second cup of coffee on the go. We're snug as bugs.

It's gonna be another teak topped day here in the lands of les Creative Empire Headquarters.

From the soundtrack of last night's movie presentation - Bill Maher's Religulous - we love Bill !

*of All Things Good


  1. Hey, that's my favourite photo there! So lovely.....

  2. What a wonderful photo.

    I miss lilacs. We just don't get enough cold weather down here to get them to grow well.

  3. it's be incredibly damp here as well. enjoy the weekend :)

    xo Alison

    p.s. that photo = love!


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