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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

cats x 4 + library books x way too many = happiness & love ;-)

You need to move on. I understand, believe me, how this stuff gets to you, that there's nothing more important than finding that hidden door which will lead to the underground bunker where the truth is sitting there behind bars. But sometimes the truth just isn't there. Even if you can smell it and hear it. Or there just isn't a way in anymore. It's grown over. Rocks have shifted. Shafts caved in. There's no human way to get to it, not even with all the dynamite in the world. So you leave it at that. And you move on. The dark side of life has a way of finding us all anyway, so stop chasing it.

a favourite paragraph from my most recent bedtime (escape) book Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I loved it especially the last 100 pages of the 599 pages - it pulls you through at a page turning clip + it has a fantastic ending (one that had me getting my atlas out and then downloading google earth) ! The huge pile above (aver les chats) is my most recent Thursday library haul (book delivery day). After perusing this tall stack I've decided & dived into another brand new, also much hyped novel - The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I'm reading Anne Lamott's little gem Help, Thanks, Wow-The Three Essential Prayers a 2nd time because it's wonderful, comforting & funny + I'm also reading, finally, Susan Cain's book about introverts Quiet.

I use my county library's fantastic website to order books, audio books, DVD movies & TV series and also to peruse the lists of brand new titles in all those same categories and often find more fantastic things I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

It's fantastic & it's free !! support your local library so we don't ever lose them.


  1. Sounds like a good read - thanks! Now I'll be going into my county's library system to do a reserve. You are so right about our libraries - they are a source of such joy. I read the library book and then decide if I have to have it on my bookshelf. It's wonderful.

  2. hey littlemancat - once you get the hang of using your library sight (librarians are always happy to help with that) you'll love it. I've ordered all kinds of great current TV series also like Homeland, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey … so much goodness & I also buy my own copies of books that I really love xos

  3. You don't really read all those books do you ? You're just using them to press leaves, right ?

    "Breaking Bad", great show but I only watched 4 episodes and said "That's enough for me". Far too heavy for me. I'm a fluff girl. I've just discovered, "Doc Martin". Have you watched that ?

  4. Nice stack. Yeah! Ditto for libraries. Woof ~moose

  5. Great paragraph from your recent bedtime book.
    I am waiting for the next series of Downton Abbey, a wonderful mini-series, Doc Martin is fun too.
    Lovely photos, it is good to see lil Miss Betty making herself at home inside.
    Some interesting books on your bedside table.
    xoxoxo ♡


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