Saturday, November 16, 2013

a few favourites, some recent, some from les vast iPhoto archives

a few tres comforting gems of much needed wisdom from my new (imaginary) beau Joe (Joseph Campbell)

the cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure that you seek

opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves 
come when life seems most challenging

it is by going down into the abyss that
we recover the treasures of life

and my personal fav & mantra for right now

if you are falling … dive

dive, dive, dive

I've been struggling, learning, pushing myself, growing, falling, getting back up, falling again and again … & becoming so much stronger because of all this struggle - & a big hooray for that + I just added this freakin' fantastic song from Kelly Clarkson to my current creative mojo mix - oh my Kelly, merci ! for this one - can't stop me from dancin' & leaping around Creative Empire headquarters and just when I need it the most.

Happy Weekend !


  1. Thanks for those gems of wisdom! I've been traveling the abyss myself. Issues needing to be resolved have been a burden. I keep pulling myself up looking for that brighter day. Today was my birthday. Had lunch with friends. And, when I came home there was a lovely rainbow in the sky. Came out of nowhere. Happy Birthday to me! I would like to think it was from my Mom letting me know that she was with me today! As usual, great photos!

  2. Happy, happy birthday Wanda !
    of course that rainbow was indeed your Mom's doing …

    What's so great about acknowledging and really believing in these gems is that you begin to live with a true "this too will pass" attitude, Dare I say even looking forward to discovering what rainbow, treasure or new & important goodness we know is on the other side of struggle. I take such great comfort knowing that these feelings are universal

    This BIG project has had me chained to my desk day & night (it will be all good in the end - no doubt it may even be wonderful) but getting "through" this time has been super challenging. I swear it's true lately, I literally count the hours 'til bedtime and my current book (escapism) Night Film by Marisha Pessl - I'm almost always in bed by 9pm. Cat kisses also are a great help ;-)

    xo S + gang

  3. You find some of the neatest inspirational quotes Susan. Can't wait to learn all about le BIG project.

  4. Wonderful and inspirational quotes dear Susan and gorgeous photos as always.
    Happy week!
    xoxoxo ♡


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