crushin' on Rob Bell

Sunday, November 10, 2013

photos all from this mornings walk / omg Missy Dee could I love you anymore (don't think so) / autumn splendour / out and about this morning /  hydrangea / snap dragons still blooming & ah that pinkest  pink / along the harbour boardwalk / my girl, my love, my Dee who's' doing so very well for her senior status;-) 

I've listened to Oprah's interview with Rob Bell a dozen times at least.  I was able to pick up two of his books from the library What We Talk About When We Talk About God & Love Wins. I'll admit here & now I am totally crushing big time on Rob Bell - it seems he's able to connect that old style yucky, not interested in it at all kinda Christianity (the judgemental, wrathful mean kind) with a new hip, more science based but I too feel broken spirituality, soulfully, faithfully & I need/want help in finding some solace. Rob, somehow seems to have the glue to that puts the essence of the old time religion (even the word is hard for me to utter) together with the world we live in now & in a way that makes sense to me (and I'm sure to many others). In a way that feels good, hopeful & relieved. Hey, it's OK to pray - phew ! What he speaks about is something I've been searching for, for ages, but I didn't really know quite what I was searching for until I  encountered someone like him speak & write about those big, misunderstood and tainted topics the way he does. Grateful !

Super Soul Sunday - it's a really good thing


  1. Shag-elicious! Winnie looks like she's about to do something sneaky in photo #1.

    I'm glad you've found some books that help you enjoy thinking about spirituality.

  2. Wonderful photos from your morning walk dear Susan, Winnie looks so beautiful and adorable, I'm so happy that she is doing well.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I'm kinda of glad that your loving Rob Bell - I do too. Did you know he did these these really cool videos called Nooma - short 5/10 min type talks - really effective. We bought the lot once when he came to the UK to talk - I don't know if you can pay per view or rent them? He also used to publish podcasts from mars hill church if they have a back catologue you could raid:) Claire x


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