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Sunday, November 24, 2013

foggy morning on Black Street & a fantastic quote brought to me by The Daily Love

Let's get this straight I am not a Kanye West fan, nor am I a Kim K fan at least not in the true, straight up sense of being a fan or a follower - I do confess to Keeping up with the K's in that trashy, guilty pleasure, gossipy, People magazine kinda fan sense & big time. I don't really like this Bound 2 video and I don't think I like the song (although it may be growing on me) but I LOVE the intro/chorus up until the 35 second mark (and then interspersed throughout). I cannot get these (slightly corny I admit) images, oh my those white horses - sighing, vistas, words & melody out of my mind - LOVE


  1. I love the Robert Bresson quote. It resonates.

  2. A wonderful quote, I guess we all leave something of ourselves for others to see, make our mark or to make others aware of the beauty.
    The horses are magnificent.
    xoxoxo ♡


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