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Monday, August 9, 2010

maybe I should be designing rugs ??

Each month a magazine called Underwire accepts cover art submissions, the deadline for the September cover is August 10 - tomorrow and the theme for this issue is the No. 4. I spent yesterday working on my first idea which you can see here. My gut instincts (which is tres fine honed after over 20 years of designing stuff, the last 10 with only the cats* to help me critique my own work) are telling me Ne pas for this design. Drag. This kind of left me feeling a bit bummed out last evening but that's the thing about creating stuff. You never really know what something will look like until it's finished and often, very often, when all is said and done the finished piece just doesn't give your gut those excited butterfly feelings your hoping for, that yes - uh huh, ya just know (that's why they call it your gut), that instinctual feeling that makes you know - this is good ...this is very good.

Don't get me wrong, this is OK (but we're not looking for OK). It's just not the wow my gut was lookin' for. So a tidy desk this early morning, a very wee to-do list today and I'm off on round 2 of 3. My plan is to do three covers in 3 days and I'll send the one(s) my gut likes best.

* Oliver (our Don) wishes me to clarify that the above statement is in no way a reflection on him and his abilities as the Associate designer here at Susan Black Design. He has a keen, well developed sense of style, exquisite design taste and his specialties are typographic design and endless conceptualizing.


  1. Mom has been meaning to send you this address to one of her Colorado friends...check it out:

    Tail wags,

  2. I LOVE your design - so sweet and beautiful...


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