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Saturday, August 14, 2010

more sweet peas 'cause I sure do love them

This year I finally have what I would call a crop of sweet peas. I planted the seeds in a giant pot with a tee pee trellis thingy in the centre. I planted them early for sweet pea seeds love cool soil, I placed the pot in a sunny, sunny spot, I water religiously and often with rain water & miracle grow. I've given them lots of TLC and now they're givin' back. Stay tuned for more SP photo sessions. I love the colours, the tiny drooping beginning blossoms, the tangled climbing tendrils and oh that sweet pea scent, the scent is beyond heavenly.

At the end of day yesterday I finally had my chat with the awaited design director. It was a great conversation. Fantastic actually, perfect, more than I could ask for ... I will be spending the next 4 weeks putting together a presentation, a collection of new ideas. If all goes as planned and my presentation is accepted the creative & marketing elves will work with me to turn my creations into a complete product line. This designer gal can dream and I'm gonna keep on dreamin' large. Uh Huh ! Uh Huh !

I was talking to her on my cordless phone while outside strolling around the back tangled gardens of 29 Black Street and when I said goodbye and pressed the hang up button I danced around the yard and yipee-ed considerably. I could barely sleep last night I am so freakin' excited. Hooray ! hooray ! hooray ! Look out darn CE* 'cause here we come.

*CE - creative empire


  1. Smiling one big assed grin here in the Midwest. You go girl.

  2. Yippeeee! (can you hear me all the way from upstate New York???)

  3. Nice photos and beautiful colors. No wonder you are excited about you presentation. Your blog is mentioned in the Sunday Roast and Hot Toast And Jam is being interviewed. So I am visiting your post because of the comments made by Mmm at Hot Toast And Jam.

  4. Great news! And you deserve your success, because you haven't half worked for it recently! (There's another little expression for you - "not half"!)

  5. Thanks you guys !!

    it's in no way a done deal "yet" but I have been given a fantastic opportunity and the piece that she loved is a piece that I not only love also but am especially proud of - so things are good ... very good.

  6. Yipppeee Skipeee for sure!! We can see you dancing around your gardens...a splendid sight indeed.
    Tail Wags,

  7. Yeee Haaa Thats exciting! Good Work!

  8. Oh I am excited for you Susan. Funny too, as I mention your CE in an interview recently done on my. Check out my blog as you can read it for yourself. if you hurry on over you might even get a surprise.


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