Monday, August 30, 2010

6x9 mixed media collage - or - a whole lotta red fun !

Creativity is ...
inventing, experimenting,
growing, taking risks,
breaking rules, making mistakes
and having fun.

Mary Lou Cook

Well ... there's no question that I'm having fun, loads & loads of fun and feeling buzzed, like a drug, with all this enthusiasm, happiness & creativity. The days fly by and honestly I barely leave the much loved TTD*, I'm finding it difficult to pull myself away - and let me tell you for the self employed creative type nearing my 10th anniversary of self employedness - this rejuvenation of spirit and desire is nothing short of amazing. It is thrilling. Because I am no longer a solitary (and very lonely) soul struggling through each day, because I now share the burdens and joys of life and finances, it's given me the freedom and courage to run skipping up to new cliffs to leap bravely off of them. And I'm getting the hang of this leaping.

In those 10 years I never had this luxury, this luxury of in house love and I am so very grateful.

Creativity takes courage

Henri Matiss

I'm allowing myself to fall. To fall, to fail, to try ... and I'm having a ball doing it, all the while continuing the hunt and search for some big fat bacon to bring home to contribute to our family pot. Cast your net wide and far, girlfriend ... surely you'll catch something.

My latest submission is to Uppercase, way cool and unbelievably gorgeous creative journal which often has little you too can be in the magazine submission projects. The latest of which was to design a book cover - your autobiography. The bottom image is my submission. What fun was had. Deadline for submitting is today and I submitted mine last night - Uh Huh ! Uh Huh ! even a day early √ Hey ! I'm just keepin' on puttin' it out there ... leaping ... leaping.

*TTD - beloved teak topped desk - a gift from my friend Harry


  1. What a lovely book cover - very you, with the new optimistic message too. Good luck with it!

  2. So very cool Susan. So glad you are having fun with collage. I've discovered I like it too. It's just so fun. Your collage suits you perfectly as a book cover. And the fun you had with this shows. Thanks for sharing your life with us...through all of its ups and downs you are always encouraging. I also enjoy your photography very much. A pleasure to visit here.
    Have a happy Monday!

  3. I love your book cover design, Susan. Perfect colours and speaks volumes in many ways! Good luck to you!

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  4. Good luck with the cover Susan; its great! I left a comment on an older post and forgot to say something i've been thinking. I think every artist gets inspiration from somewhere or somebody else, its par for the course. Re Kelly Rae; i wonder if she got her inspiration from Misty Mawn and then put her own stamp onto it.
    And if so, so what? All artists get ideas from all over the place and when your art incorporates some, and leaves some out and you do your own thing and it makes you very very happy then you know you've found your style.

  5. Ohmygoooooosh that book cover. I gasped and cried. LOL Gotta remember never to open your blog when I DON'T want to be profoundly moved.


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