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Friday, August 20, 2010

final version - very fine day collage mixed media

early on in the process of painting & glueing

original teeny thumbnail sketch pasted in my sketchbook

Instead of my usual early am posting I posted yesterday near suppertime - I know - Shut Up !

Oh my goodness ! How much fun did I have created this my first little 8x8 inch canvas mixed media piece ?? Lots o' fun ! I have been soaking up tons of inspiration, tips and techniques* from all over the place, especially from my two Creative Empire mentors and heroine's Kelly Rae Roberts & Geninne whose work, habits and techniques I've been studying. I'm so grateful that they both are so generously open with sharing their own process & progress. This type of work is so different from what I do most of the time, each piece constantly evolving - you're never really
sure exactly where it's going or when it is finished. A very tricky thing - knowing when to stop).

I have Kelly's first book Taking Flight :Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings and it is fabulous !!! full of images and detailed descriptions about her various techniques, materials, inspiration and creative work habits. I recently took her e-course Flying Lessons : Tips and Tricks to Help Your Creative Biz Soar. and bought the PDF book version of the course to have (and to hold) and you betcha I've been holding it ! tight. She has so got it goin' on ! and she's telling you, me, us all the things that got her where she is today in these two publications.

If I were to dedicate this first finished collagey mixed media piece (completed by moi this sunshiny August afternoon) I would surely dedicate it to Kelly Rae ... and she has absolutely no idea how much she's helped and inspired me. Merci M. Roberts!!

*check out youtube for zillions of technique & new materials videos


  1. Hey...I'm going to dip into some of your inspiration and greatness today if you don't mind, sweet Susan. I'm about to spend the afternoon working in my "Inspiration" room. :) Love you!! xo

  2. It's wonderful!!! Love the butterfly up in the right hand corner. So pretty.

  3. I love the work of both of those artists. Genninne has such a unique style. So do you!
    As much as I love what you have done here...... it is very much like Kelly Rae and not as much of Susan. I see you in there but it reminds me more of Kelly Rae. More Susan please :) I mean this in the gentlest, kindest, big fan of YOU, way.

  4. Alice your comment is bang on !

    I agree with your criticisms (constructive & very forwarding) completely. I think the main reason I'm so pleased with how this piece turned out is really much more about the process and materials (which did kind of scare me, or at least they made me nervous). I've always admired how rich and layered Kelly's work is and I want my own mixed media work to have as much interest & depth.

    It's funny since completing this piece yesterday my mind had been reeling, churning and spinning thinking about the very issue you raise. My style - these same techniques but with my style.

    I'm trying so hard to allow myself to wallow happily around in "process" (something most creative types have a hard time justifying and I know you know exactly what I mean. I'm confident that the more pieces I can create, the more comfortable I become with the materials, the sooner my own style will emerge. Thanks for the comment Alice ! I welcome your feedback ;-)

  5. It's so beautiful, Susan. Congrats!

  6. "heroins?" Whoa, they are that addictive? Yes, I see Kelly raoe's stuff all over here now in shops. It's crazy. but what wil thrill me no end is when I se your stuff here Susan! :D Rooting for you all the way.

  7. well.....I don't know about it being Kelly is just a mixed media collage...which could be anybody really..... they are all pretty much the same in that they are a collage and they are mixed media.... can't say I'd pick Kelly's name for any particular reason from the many who are doing these ...and there truly is a BUNCH... blog loads of 'em....

    I like it.... as I like lots of the ones I've seen.....

  8. Beautiful! I find Kelly Rae Roberts so inspiring too.

  9. Although kelly Rae's stuff incredible, I so prefer your style, personally, Susan. you are such a draftsman and have such variety. Love it. bot of you are incredibly talented though.

  10. Well i'm a few days late and a dollar short as usual but thought i'd give you my thoughts rather than to count on others to say exactly what i'd say.
    Because regarding your art i'm not sure if some of them are saying what i would so here goes....

    I love, love, absolutely love the way your art is leaning lately Susan. It could be Kelly Raes influence but it's you all the way.
    I am often inspired by other artists but my finished art, like yours is one of a kind.

    I love the way its softer, and a style that only you could do so well.You chose the topic, the elements and the colours and's not Kelly Rae at all - it's you! So i say keep going in this direction and keep up the great work cuz i think it's got a wonderful "now" look that's going to be big.


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