Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sweet peas from the terracotta gardens incredibly lovely colours and a heavenly sweet scent

eating raspberries, raw peas from the shell and homemade cranberry grape popsicles
listening to crows, seagulls and finches, and our new neighbours a chipmunk and red squirrel
smelling the tiny bouquet of sweet peas here at CE* central - the teak topped desk
doing sketches, drawing, and more organizing and tidying of les office stuff
hearing the wind rustling the leaves just outside my windows and the boats leaving the harbour
lingering in the lands of bubbles and scent
(steaming just barely) green & yellow beans, carrots & peas from the farmers market
dreaming of adopting another dog and perhaps a September wee holiday on this magical island
iced coffee late in the day so I'll read longer at bedtime before drifting off to lala land
reading Ghost Ship and The Sea Captain's Wife - inspired by this perfect road trip
loving Miss Winnie Dixon more than words can say (and of course that handsome cowboy)
laughing at the antics of Gus & Oliver both of them on serious cute rodent surveillance
hating people who drive too fast, I'd like to throw boulders at their cars - kooky ? I guess
seeing, looking and taking in as much as is possible each and every day

CE - creative empire


  1. We say YES to the adventures of PEI for a September holiday! Tail Wags to all.

  2. wonderful list! your "hearing" things are lovely!

    xo Alison

  3. Is it possible that I caught the scent of sweet peas when I opened your blog? I think I did!

  4. Ahhhh, the land of Pinky Goodness.
    Does your new neighbor chipmonk realize how many cats you have?

  5. More than I hate cars driving too fast are motorcycles that are loud as well, like Harleys. LOl'

    PRince Edward Island would be so magical, I am sure. You need that. You should go! ..and besides, which, then we get teh treat of seeing all the lovely photos.


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