Sunday, August 22, 2010

late August love

Oh you set up your place in my thoughts
Moved in and made my thinking crowded
Now we're out in the back with the barking dogs

I could go crazy on a night like tonight
When summer's beginning to give up her fight
And every thought's a possibility
And voices are heard, but nothing is seen
Why do you spend this time with me
May be an equal mystery

Indigo Girls - Mystery

Winnie Dixon and I were driving the other afternoon, we were out and about just she and I doing a few errands. She loves to go in the car, she always sits in the passenger's seat, she always has. Driving with the windows rolled down, Missy D's shaggy nose pointed out the window, her eyes closed. Sun shining, hot summer air and blue cloudless skies. This song came on and I turned it up. It's one of the songs on the 2 mixed cds that I made for the cowboy a lifetime ago, or so it seems, that I made for him to take on his long & winding road trip west nearly a year ago.

How all this goodness happened to me and my life is indeed a mystery ... an amazing mystery

I've posted these words and this song before on this blog and I likely will again.
because I love them, they make me feel sad, they make me feel happy, they make me so wistful


  1. your photos are a wonder. they really are. you know, i was a waitress, circa 1986-7 in a little joint where the indigos played regularly. good tip money those nights! a year already with the cowboy? whew time rolls by like a freight train. so pleased for you.

  2. 1, 5, 6 and 3rd image up--wow. Stunning and oh so gorgeous. yes, wistful too. Your photos make me want to cry sometimes, Susan, and photos don;t usually get me like paintings do or esp. music but yours are something else.

    And yes, I remember well you making those mixed CDs for your cowboy for his trip that seemed to take ages before he finally returned. What a wonder it all is.

  3. I am fixing the links to your blog on my feature Fridays interview with you as they all go to your old blog address when you had it as ".ca" as teh suffix. Fixing now...

  4. Oh. wow. so. beautiful. That SONG. That SOOOONG.


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