on a sunday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

some scenes from the past few days

a Sunday well-spent brings a week of content



  1. the colors in the second photo...so stellar!


    xo Alison

  2. I especially love those bottom two but msut say your darling house and all its greenery is looking particularly in good order too.

  3. Please don't let them cut the vines off your house!!It is beautiful. My sister had wisteria covering her house and her husband cut it off and she was mad!!That little girl is precious. Is she real or an angel?? I felt like I was seeing that water move!! and Is that chocolate on that biscuit? hmmmm

  4. Hi Diane, thankfully the cowboy is all for pruning (not extermination) of my beautiful vines and no that's not chocolate - it's molasses. A traditional Maritime Province delicacy homemade biscuits, still warm with butter and a good drizzle of molasses. Most homes when I was growing up had a covered molasses pitcher, always, on the table - it was that well used a condiment.

  5. Oh that's good...the cowboy will probably just prune the vines so that they frame the windows just right. That yard is just beautiful! So that is molasses on the biscuit! I haven't had molasses in a long time, but I wanted a biscuit exactly like that one.

  6. That biscuit looks amazing! So excited to see our link! Thank you! :)


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