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Thursday, August 19, 2010

a fine day - collage/mixed media - in progress

A work in progress. Well... it's actually more like a play in progress ... 'cause I had sooo much fun just foolin' around with some new techniques and new materials. I like this process using gesso, acrylic medium, acrylic paints & collage because it forces me to be much looser in my execution. I do such have a tendency to want to be precise, perfect and detailed and with these methods I can't be. So it's good for my creative spirit to bust out a little. We (the cowboy & I) are off to another nearby city for a bit of crafty art supply shopping. Hooray. And I think I've convinced him to stop at the big Chapters store - which has an attached Starbucks - which means icy, creamy frappucinos - oh yeah and books, books, books !

I just discovered that my library carries the crafty collagey magazine- cloth, paper, scissors - with lots & lots of very cool techniques, hints and inspiration helping me with my fun yesterday.

& check out Michelle's gorgeous collagey paintings - so much amazing work to be inspired by
Wow !!


  1. Oh, nice antique-y look!

    It's always good to try something new, isn't it - especially if that gives you a reason to shop for materials! Enjoy your trip into town.....

  2. CLoth, Paper, Scissors...oh yeh..... a great mag ..always lots of fun stuff....

    and...forget Daisley Moffit or whomever... your little chubby birdie is much nicer than those wild Rorshach things...... I like this one...

  3. "precise, perfect and detailed"--I'd say that i the graphic designer in your stil lcoming out, eh? Lov ethis card adn your collage though, Susan. So very good.

    Also, thank you for giving us that link to Michaelle's work. Excellent adn fresh too. I really like her stuff.

    I saw some Kelly Rae stuff today and thought how fantastic would it be for one of these days to see your stuff there. I would just have to turn around adn tell people, "hey, i know her11...Well, sort of! " Ha.


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