Tuesday, August 24, 2010

shimmering early morning waters along the crescent beach

Could it be ...

Could it be true that this blog of mine, this place here at 29 Black Street is and has been transforming from a once often angst ridden, lonely, sad and fearful too much of the time place into the home of a mostly content, dare I say happy, seldom afraid, and totally busting with creative energy woman.

I'm continuing my favourite mantra - good things come

I do believe that blogging has had so much to do with the amazing transformation in my life.
And you ... you know who you are out there ... a big warm thank you to you !

8:00 am update - Miss D and I are just back from our walk along the harbour and beach and there are men on our roof. Lots of men scraping loudly, old shingles. We are having a section of our roof repaired and reshingled. Guess who's handling all of that ?? sighing. Mr. Smartest Man I Know is out (and up) there too. Helping, observing and chatting away happily in their language. Bye bye beautiful Virgina Creeper vine, who used to climb up the back chimney making curtains unnecessary in our upstairs bath, so long. Roofers, I'm afraid (& some cowboys) just don't get beautiful climbing vines ... even if they do turn a gorgeous & vivid crimson colour in autumn.


  1. It has been so delightful to read this of this transformation, loving the blossoming of your happiness every step of the way!

  2. Now that's a nice post to read! Good things come.... Maybe I'll have that as my mantra too.

  3. I've loved watching you and the cowboy growing together! So beautiful this love thing. :)

  4. I "get" that vine, and am sad to know its going. Still, a solid roof is a good thing. Just this morning NH (new husband) told me he heard from a friend that his roof collapsed into his kitchen, he could have fixed the problem for $10,000 last year, now its gonna cost $30,000! Eeek

  5. I love how Miss Winnie Dixon looks out to sea...but, prefers not to "go" to sea if ya know what I cute.....

  6. You inspire me. Thanks for bein' out there.

  7. Such gorgeous photos, and it's good to hear how transformational blogging has been for you, Susan. You have a fine eye.
    There is a Nova called "Lord of the Ants" that you would like. Big hugs, J.

  8. Susan your blog has always been beautifully honest.The transformation you mention is a bonus for you, but anything you offer the world has, and always will be, unique and valued. I am so glad you are happy, but please don't forget that you make others happy too. You have such talent and such a big heart.

  9. I just feel so incredibly bubbly happy for you when I read this Susan. As i always say, but simply can't say enough, your blog is THE gold standard form. Simply amazing. If it's helped in your life, I don;t know, suspect it has--it has helped me, I can tell you that. Again, gorgeous photos--shimmering, as it were. whoa.


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