the actuals

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I especially love these first 2 photos of the 15 posted here from yesterdays joy filled "actuals"

you have the shoulds and then there are the wants but for most of us compulsive, anal, list making, over achieving wanna-be's ... you nearly always end up with a bunch of actuals or Hey ! there's a Prince in my backyard, transforming the overgrown jungle into a parkesque like setting. Oh my ! cheer the red winged blackbirds & Hooray !! from the chattering grackels plus lots and lots more. Snip, clip, dig, plant, walk, smile, cook ... and all those darn books waiting patiently
til bedtime. That c-r-a-z-y, zany gal spontaneity grabbed hold of me yesterday, early on, and she wouldn't let go. A sunny much warmer, blue sky day spent without the expected shoulds or the wants but instead happily hanging out with a bunch of, just dropped in to say Hi ! ... actuals.

And thank you John for this happiness ... and speaking of dogs with smiles please look here

* bottom photo orange pineapple chicken (adapted from here & here) with tumeric basmati rice


  1. Good morning, Sue;

    Et Joyeux Pâques!

    Glad to see your garden is coming back to life. I hope the skunks and raccoons haven't bulldozed your yard as effectively as they do ours - what a pain!

    Have a great weekend - n

    ps:tried the homemade panko-crusted chicken fingers last night, to rave reviews - thx!

  2. ps N.I would love the bean salad recipe and I've never heard of, nor do they have "zaatar at our co-op) perhaps a wee swapping of packages is in order. xoxo bunnies & eggs to you !

  3. Lovely!! And could that doggie be ANY happier?

  4. LOOK at all those lobster traps. Makes me happy deep in my soul.

    hmmmm broccoli....with lobster....

  5. Happy dogs ... happy humans
    happy invisible inside cats :-)

    lobster season begins May 1 Shammy

  6. Susan, you're welcome. Estorbo, forgive me. Dargs!

  7. sure is beautifu over there
    Benny & Lily


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